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Worried about your hair loss? Normally people shed approximately 50 to 100 hair perday. With about 100,000 hairs in the scalp, this loss is unnoticeable. But when the thinning of scalp hair becomes noticeable, it is a cause of concern.
There are many causes of hair loss. Some of them are:
•Hormonal factors
•Certain medical conditions like Thyroid, Scalp infection, Typhoid, anemia etc.
•Medications for diseases like Cancer, Depression, Heart Problems, etc.
•Stress and many more.

However, with modern techniques like Hair Transplantation, baldness is now very much curable.

Are you eligible for a Hair Transplant?
In order to be eligible for a Hair Transplant, you have to meet certain criteria:
1.There should be remarkable hair loss affecting your old look
2.You have enough donor hair supply to undergo the transplantation
3.You have realistic expectations from your “new” look
4.Your scalp did not respond well to hair regrowth medications ( that is if you have tried some)
Is Hair Transplantation affordable?
With Bangalore-based TheNewYouClinic it IS. With a well-qualified team of doctors and paramedics, The New You Clinic is on the path to revolutionize Hair Transplant treatment not only in Bangalore but also in the rest of India. Our services include both Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) & Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) with most advanced world class technology.

At The, each patient is taken through special counseling sessions to make him / her understand the entire procedure. Once the patient is fully convinced then only he / she is made to undergo the treatment. Their efficient team is capable to perform mega sessions offering 1000-4000 grafts per session thus drastically reducing the number of visits to the clinic and the associated costs.

Having several years of experience in India, U.S.A, U.K & Korea. Their surgeons live by the goal of providing the best Hair Transplant services at affordable cost.

Author: Dr.Kishore Babu Pentyala is the founder member & C.E.O. of He was trained in England under the Guidance of Professor VI kovan, a leading practitioner in Hair Transplant and cosmetic surgery in U.K.

Article By: Kisgore Babu

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