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It takes a huge range of clothing, supplies and equipment to keep a hospital ward running. And life is made significantly harder by the fact that the NHS is subject to all kinds of cost pressures. Budgets are tight and managers are forever engaged in a delicate balancing act between saving money and keeping the place functioning. It takes real skill, ability and knowhow to pull this off.

There's no two ways about it. Hospital equipment costs serious money. It's hard for people to get a sense of the true scale of health spending, but every penny is worth it. When people have an accident or are taken ill they deserve the very best care and have come to expect it.

One of the key parts of any departmental spend is medical uniforms. Doctors and nurses need specialist clothing to do their jobs, from taking care of patients on wards to carrying out surgery in the operating theatre. With so much pressure on budgets it pays to vet suppliers carefully and shop around for the very best deals. The more money that is saved on the basics, like clothing and medical instruments, the more there is available to spend directly on patient care.
It's common to hear people complain about there being too many managers in the modern health service, but when an organisation is this big it takes highly skilled and qualified people to lead and manage it effectively. Good managers are worth their weight in gold. They help to stretch budgets as far as they will go and help hospitals to get better deals on all of the supplies, clothing and equipment they need to buy in from external suppliers. Their input is vital in ensuring each department gets what it needs at the right price, so every hospital runs efficiently and effectively.

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Article By: Lee Malcolm

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