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At least 30 per cent of women experience hair loss at some stage in their lives; although the severity can vary from person to person. Female hair loss tends to be fairly evenly spread without the pronounced bald spots which are more prevalent in male hair loss. Also, women often maintain their frontal hairline; meaning hair thinning is not always obvious, especially in the early stages. Hair loss in some women can ultimately only be restored by hair transplant surgery.

Even a modest amount of hair loss can have profound psychological effects on women. This is partly due to the misconception that it is uncommon for women to lose their hair and that hair loss is not acceptable in today’s society. Both of these false perceptions put enormous pressure on women and many experience tremendous difficulties in coming to terms with the loss of their hair.

The most common cause for female hair loss is genetic but this is by no means the sole reason. Common or hereditary baldness in women, also known as female pattern alopecia, originates from either side of the family. Other non-genetic factors can include child birth, menopause and medication. Stress can also have an effect.
Hair mistreatment is a major cause of female hair loss as harsh treatments such as straighteners and curling tongs can result in dry brittle hair when used regularly. Chemicals present in some hair dyes and other hair lotions can also cause hair loss; again, this is especially true when the products are used constantly.
The development of modern surgical hair transplant techniques, most notably follicular unit transplantation (FUT), allows many women to benefit from a natural hair restoration process.

A comprehensive consultation with a reputable hair loss consultant is advisable for anyone looking to research all of their options.

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Article By: Jessie Wright

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