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There are a number of options available to you when it comes to eyelash growth. You can, of course, leave it to chance and hope that your lashes enjoy greater growth and offer better looking eyes. Alternatively, you can use black mascaras that are specifically designed to offer long and fuller eyelashes, you can buy eyelash extensions, or you can but dedicated eyelash growth serum and crèmes. Costs and benefits of these different methods do vary so choose the one that suits you best.

There are certain natural remedies that are claimed to work to promote eyelash growth. Such remedies include the use of olive oil or castor oil. The oil should be applied to eyelashes before going to bed and this may help to improve the health of the eyelashes which, in turn, encourages growth. Natural eyelash growth can be achieved in these ways but results will vary dramatically and you will have to wait several months to get the best results.

Mascara can give immediate effect to give your eyelashes the appearance of being longer and fuller. You should use a curler immediately before applying the mascara and remember that repeated, or constant use, is not advised. There are many boasts made by mascara companies so choose the one that provides you with the benefits that you are looking for and opt for a natural colour for a natural appearance.

For damaged lashes that have endured the rigours of modern life, such as the numerous toxins that are in the air around use, you may benefit from a conditioner that promotes eyelash growth. Eyelash growth is most often prevented by damage to the lashes but it is possible to repair some or all of this damage using eyelash conditioner which works in much the same way as conditioner for hair.

False eyelashes may not actively promote natural eyelash growth but they certainly give you the look that you want, which is longer and better looking eyelashes. You can find a variety of styles including those that are inspired by or designed by famous names. Eyelash extensions offer the benefit of providing immediate growth for your lashes.

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