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Being prescribed with the contraceptive pill for the first time can feel like something of an ordeal for many women who are new to oral contraception. In the vast majority of cases, the taking of Cilest, or any of the other most widely prescribed contraceptive pill brands, swiftly becomes a part of their routine that they hardly have to think twice about. However, the natural concerns of newcomers to Cilest are not to be trivialised. Online pharmacy doctors are keen to allay any fears that their wary patients may have regarding the correct administration for effective contraceptive protection.

It is, of course, of imperative importance that female patients take note of what their doctor tells them, and ask questions about using Cilest correctly, whether in the short, mid, or longer term. Packs of Cilest also come accompanied by comprehensive instructions issued by the manufacturer, Jannsen-Cilag, so women usually find that any information they forgot to clarify is readily available with the courses themselves.

When Cilest is prescribed as the most suitable contraceptive pill for female patients by their online pharmacy doctor, it is not simply a matter of commencing immediate dosages, as is often the case with other types of medication that treat illnesses. The first tablet must be taken on the first day of their next period, whether that might be four days or four weeks after prescriptions are issued.
At Nationwide Pharmacies, our UK registered doctors also draw the attention of our patients to the handy fact that Cilest’s packaging makes correct administration uncomplicated. Every pill in every monthly pack is marked by a day. After the first pill is taken, patients simply take the rest of the pack on a one a day basis, and each pill is clearly marked with the day it should be taken so that users know exactly where they are up to.

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