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Employee health checks can play a big role in keeping your workforce fit. More and more firms are realising that this is important for their business in many ways and employees are welcoming this additional healthcare rather than resenting it.

Why Employee Health Checks Are Important
There are several reasons why employee health checks are important for a business. In some cases, health checks have to be carried out as part of health and safety regulation compliance. Certain tasks such as driving a lorry and other heavy machinery can only be carried out by people who are healthy enough to do so. These kinds of health checks are normally only carried out as part of the testing process that determines whether a licence should be issued in the first place. However, some companies carry out periodic health tests for people in certain roles within their organisations. Others take the middle road requiring checks prior to employees in certain roles being able to return to work after a long period of sickness.

However, in recent times more firms have decided to carry out regular health checks to help them to manage absenteeism. They carry out health checks for all of their upper management teams, but far more are doing so for the whole body of their workforce.

This approach makes sense when you consider that, in the UK; nearly 40 million working days are lost due to sickness. Regular health checks can help in spotting chronic diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure early. This gives employees the chance to change their lifestyle to stop themselves becoming iller. If they do not know, they are on the verge of diabetes they can easily fall into the full blown disease and end up having time off of work as a result.

The Hidden Benefits of Employee Health Checks

However, employee health checks have other benefits. They help your employees to understand that you care about them and value them. This fosters loyalty. The fact that health checks are carried out can also act as a motivator for your employees and encourage them to maintain the right weight and good exercise habits. This is good for you as well as them.

To find out more about employee health checks visit the Healthy Performance website.

Article By: Adam Nicolson

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