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Most people assume that drug addicts are dependent on illicit substances. However, an increasing number of people are becoming dependent on substances that are prescribed by medical professionals. An addiction to prescription painkillers can be just as harmful as an addiction to illegal drugs, leading to many sufferers having to undergo a drug detox.

Detox Needn’t be Frightening

Many people who are addicted to prescription painkillers avoid seeking help because they are afraid of what the detox period will be like. However, drug detox is one of the most effective ways of overcoming addiction to painkillers, and there’s no reason why is should be painful or frightening. During a detox, patients are continually monitored by medical professionals and drug rehab centre support staff. They will offer support and assistance throughout the detox process and can administer medication that can counteract the withdrawal symptoms.
Common Withdrawal Symptoms

Depending on the patient’s health and the length of time they have been addicted to prescription painkillers, they may experience withdrawal symptoms during the detox process. These symptoms can include:

• Loss of energy

• Headaches
• Shivering

• Anxiety

• Loss of appetite

• Anxiety

• Mood swings

• Sweating

• Trouble sleeping

These symptoms usually occur within a few days of a patient stopping taking drugs completely. They usually persist for a few days, but can last as long as several weeks. Staff at a drug rehab centre aim to keep the patients as comfortable as possible throughout the detox process.

Making Detox Comfortable

During drug detox, there are various medications that can be administered by medical professionals to ease the discomfort. These are used to lessen the pain of withdrawal and make it more comfortable for the patient. Patients are also often given medication following a detox to reduce their cravings for prescription painkillers.

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Article By: Nick Campbell

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