Distress of male hair loss helped by hair surgery

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In years gone by, it was women who paid attention to their appearance, especially when it came to looking after their hair. If women lost their hair, it was particularly distressing for them and caused a loss of confidence and self esteem.

These sentiments and feelings are not exclusively held by women and in modern times, as many men spend more time and effort maximising their appearance. Hair transplant surgery has become fashionably acceptable with well known sports personalities like Wayne Rooney taking steps to combat male baldness. The fact that he does not hide from his hair surgery should help men contemplating similar surgery that there is no shame in it.

Once a course of action has been agreed, a common form of hair surgery involves FUT which is carried out under local anaesthetic. This procedure involves harvesting a thin strip of donor hair which is located on the back of the head. This hair is permanent, being genetically programmed so that it does not fall out.
Once the donor hairs have been harvested they are placed in cold storage until the time arrives for hair restoration to begin. These grafts are carefully and precisely placed in recipient sites created by a hair surgeon. The surgeon gives maximum attention to the angle and direction of each recipient site so that the redistribution of hair is given the best chance of looking natural and aesthetically pleasing. The careful placing of transplanted hair aims to give an illusion that there is more hair than in fact exists.

Following hair surgery, patients have to follow a ten day post-operative routine in order to adapt to their hair restoration. Should they experience any discomfort associated with the surgery, this is usually eased with oral medication.

After the procedure, patients feel more confident to face the world without any feelings of self -consciousness.

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Article By: Jhon Wright

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