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We generally think Muscle are only for the sumo fighter or for boxer but in real always try gaining muscle and losing fat is good deal with our body. Diet is nothing it’s all about obesity level.

Build Muscle: The best way to build muscle. Attain health and fitness training programs. Try to do these exercises which are tone your body muscle effectively same time, like weight lifting, Squats, Dead lifts, Abs, Swimming, Dumpling etc start exercise to Lose the weight quickly also muscle gain quickly.
Nutrition: Always tries to keep in mind to eat only nutritious food

Here we are just exploring some tips for a balanced diet-
•Protein: 1g/ibs daily Meat, Poultry, fish, eggs etc.
•Fat: Balance omega 3, 6 & 9 in take: fish oil, saturated fat & olive oil.
•Veggies: All kinds, especially green fibrous veggies.
•Fruit. Also all kinds: Eat veggies or fruits with every meal.
•Water: 1L/1000 calories expend.
•Whole grain food: Oats, rice, pasta, breads
Always try to eat foods that come in their natural state. Avoid always junk food which comes under a box.
Take occasionally fast food/junk food/spice food/or hard drink, but not in regular routine. you can take once a week these items. in drink always try to use light soda/soft drink no hard drink. All these are tips which will make a big difference in a very little time.
Lose Fat-Strength training will be help to build muscle while lose the fat. Always try to eat healthy food this will decrease your body fat. Either you require burning a lot of fat or keening from the your fat, here are some tips for you:
Cardio: This will help to burn your fat very easily in short time of span .we can do this one in trice a week. Its goal is only burn fat not to exhaust.
Cut calories. Keep in mind your food eating using Fit day. Start taking18 x your current body weight in lbs. after one week you will find to burn 500 kcal you can check the balance one week later again.

Women: Gaining muscle and lose fat are same with man and women. Women are having some different hormonal profiles than men. Means women having always have less muscle or more fat in body. Because some hormones are women’s is floating for softening her body that’s why women gaining more fat than men.
But the approach is the same. Follow all these tips, if you won’t get bulky also you to control on your obesity is main enemies of fit body.
Vegetarian: Always to be vegetarian. You feel always healthier, you can measure your rate of fat lose in respect of non-vegetarian. Because they put weight easily, then once gain fat then it’s very hard to lose because it’s about the combination of meat, aster. If you want to eat non vegetarian then you can go with red meat it will boost up your testosterone.

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