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The definition of cosmetic surgery is any surgery that is carried out for aesthetic reasons. This can include anything from tightening loose skin on the face to make someone look younger, to reshaping the body, breasts or nose to a more pleasing contour.

The surgeons who perform all of these procedures are highly skilled and many of them specialise in re-shaping or altering a particular part of the body.

Finding a Good Cosmetic Surgeon
Until about 15 years ago, the only people who could afford this kind of surgery were the rich and famous. Today, thousands of ordinary people have procedures like breast augmentation, liposuction, facelifts or tummy tucks carried out every year.

The price of surgery has dropped over the last couple of decades because of increased demands and improvements in surgical equipment and techniques. However, this does not mean that you should shop around and get your surgery carried out for the cheapest possible price.

What to Look Out for When Considering Cosmetic Surgery

You need to find a clinic with a surgeon who has experience of carrying out the procedure you are interested in. Ask to see examples of their previous work. Make sure that the pictures or videos you are being shown are for the exact procedure you are considering having done.
Don’t be afraid to double-check the credentials of the surgeon and clinic who will be carrying out your procedure. Cosmetic surgeons should be registered with the GMC on the specialist register.

When it comes to price, do make sure the price you are quoted covers things like sedation,anaesthetic and staying overnight at the hospital after surgery.

After care is vitally important after surgery never use a clinic that does not support you after the surgery to monitor your healing and surgical results.

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