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Ask moms and they would tell you how much joy and satisfaction they have gone through during the period of their pregnancy. Some might have been scared, some could have said that they would not want to go through the experiences again while some could tell you lovely stories of their happiness when they bore within them a new life form that have changed the course of their entire lives.

The variety of views on pregnancy could be traced down from the lack of personal knowledge when they were just about to get pregnant. In this article, we would try to provide you enough information on the top things you should know before getting pregnant.

1. Prepare for pregnancy discomforts - Since the body is adjusting to fully accommodate the development of the child inside the womb, it would have to alter some of its chemical balances and functions. And as we might all know when the body starts behaving in this manner, the hormones and other chemicals that will be released during pregnancy will lead to a variety of discomforts that are normally not felt by a woman. Usually, these discomforts are the tell-tale signs of pregnancy which include nausea and vomiting, morning sickness, fatigue, breast tenderness abdominal and back pains, leg cramps and heartburn. All these, however, would gradually pass once each trimester passes.

2. Prenatal checkups and screenings - Optimal control over the possibilities that would likely lead to birth defects must be carefully monitored. Thus, if you are considering getting pregnant it is best that you consult your health professional first so that he could provide you with considerable information that would yield into an informed decision. There is a series of tests and screenings that you must undergo which include screening for Cystic Fibrosis gene and Rubella antibodies.

3. Seek professional counseling - A couple wanting to have a child should be provided with enough information that would make them less susceptible to errors. Pregnancy is a thing that anyone could easily adapt with but it is but important that professional guidance is always ready to make things a lot more bearable for the mom to be and her husband.

4. No two pregnancies are ever alike - Just like the fingerprints, there is too low possibility that your previous pregnancy could be like your next pregnancy. There are common symptoms that could be felt but these also vary on every occasion. This is why it is best to get prepared and be informed when wanting to get pregnant. Previous experience could help of course but not to the extent that these are not assurances that you could perfectly pass through pregnancy without difficulties.

5. Brace yourself for pregnancy symptoms - Each trimester of pregnancy has distinct symptoms. Normally, the succession of symptoms would pass once you are over a certain period of pregnancy. Thus during the first trimester you would be able to feel marked changes such as loss of menstruation, heightened sensitivity to certain smells and mood swings. These primary symptoms would gradually change into more pronounced symptoms as the bodily changes shift towards the end of pregnancy.

6. Caution for body conscious mothers-to-be - You will gain weight and that’s a hundred percent assurance but the pounds that would add to your current weight would vary depending on your body type. The weight gain is part of the entire pregnancy course which is partially caused by urges to eat during the first or second trimester of pregnancy and the additional weight of the child you are bearing. The good news though is that after giving birth, you could get rid of the extra pounds you have gained.

7. A leave for working moms - Because of the many changes, it is almost impossible for you to accommodate both the stress at work and the time of child bearing. Therefore, companies are considerate with regards to the needs of their pregnant workers. It is best that you inquire on your company's policies on maternity leave.

8. Changes in your relationship with your partner - This is often a good thing, however some men react negatively on childbearing. In cases like this, it is best that you seek the intervention of a professional so as to prevent any major problems that might occur in your relationship.

9. A need for exercise - Being physically fit will help a lot when preparing for becoming pregnant and it is best that you sustain a comprehensive pregnancy exercise plan so as to make labor and child bearing a lot more endurable for you.

10. For smoking women- If you are a smoker and you want to get pregnant, you would have to quit smoking months before your pregnancy. Tobacco or cigarette smoke plus the harmful substance that these contain will largely affect your child's health and could possibly harm his or her on a long-term basis. There are a lot of quit smoking techniques that you could administer on yourself and through the help of health advisors.

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