Bach Flower Essences for emotional wellbeing

Medical & Health Self Cure Bach Flower Essences for emotional wellbeing

Who created the Bach Flower Remedies?
The Bach Flower Remedies were the first flower essences, developed by Dr Edward Bach. Each of his unique Flower Remedies help to treat a specific emotional imbalance. Dr Bach identified 38 states of being that he felt are the cause of most health symptoms. He believed that his patients state of mind played a vital role in their health and wellbeing and their recovery from illness and he wanted to find a more gentle system of healing that treated the cause rather than the symptom.
How can Bach Flower Remedies help?
Dr Bach identified particular flowers that relate to the specific emotional states that he felt were the cause of his patients symptoms.
The Bach Flower Remedies contain the positive vibrational frequencies of the flower, and these healing qualities can be transmitted to the user. Many serious seeming symptoms are caused by unresolved emotional issues. Bach Flower Remedies can be used to treat anything that has an emotional imbalance or trauma at its root.
How are Bach Flower Remedies used?
The Bach Flower Remedies are usually taken as drops and the normal dosage is 4 drops 4 times daily but this can be varied. You can also use them as a spray, or in a bath or rubbed into the skin if you dont want to take the remedies orally.
Are they safe?
the Bach Flower Remedies are completely safe and natural. They can be safely given to babies and children as well as during pregnancy and at all stages of life and in any state of health. They are also used with animals and pets with great results.
Can I use the Bach Flower Remedies if I am on medication?
The Bach Flower Remedies are completely safe to use in conjunction with conventional medicines and any other natural therapies.

Article By: Adam Rubinstein

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