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Kratom is a medicinal herb. It is a leaf that grows in trees in Southeast Asia and Oceania. Kratom is an unusually powerful plant. It is a stimulant, kind of like caffeine. It is an opiate painkiller, comparable to hydrocodone. It is an anti-flammatory painkiller, like ibuprofen. Kratom works via all 3 of these mechanisms at once! There is no other pharmaceutical that is such a complex range of useful effects, let alone a natural, medicinal herb. Common uses of kratom include alleviating chronic pain, managing opiate withdrawal, and reducing inflammation from heavy bodybuilding activities.

Kratom is legal to grow and export from Indonesia and most of the kratom in the USA is grown in Indonesia. It is legal to buy in the USA, but it is typically sold by vendors with the caveat "not for human consumption". This does not mean kratom is unsafe to consume, but is something vendors of strong medicinal herbs must state.
Kratom is frequently made into tea. Pour boiling water over powder, stir, add sweetener, and enjoy! You don't have to drink the powder at the bottom and can reboil it again.

There are many different strains of kratom with a wide range of effects:

  • Bali kratom is the most widely available kratoms and one of the most economical. It is an especially opiating kratom. 1 to 2 teaspoons is a useful amount in inexperienced users.

  • Maeng Da kratom is the strongest commercially available leaf variety. It is especially effective as a stimulant at very low dosages, like 1/4 teaspoon.

  • Ultra Thai kratom is an especially anti-inflammatory kratom, making it useful for those with chronic pain.

  • Premium Indo is often an especially economical kratom and it works great for some people. However, in higher dosages, it can cause nausea.

  • Ultra Enhanced Indo is an extract of kratom applied back to kratom leaf. It is a very strong extract and suited for those that were at one point heavy users of illegal opiates.

  • 15x extract was the first commercially available kratom extracts. It isn't one of the more cost effective extracts, but people that started with it often still really like it.

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Article By: Daquan Gibson

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