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If you are trying to get pregnant but have yet to see that line turn pink on your pregnancy test, don’t despair. Becoming pregnant can be more difficult than most people believe. Conditions must be just right for conception to take place. If the first month’s attempts at pregnancy are not successful don't be discouraged. It is important to try to stay relaxed, be patient and keep trying. Here is some more advice on getting pregnant.

When you are trying to get pregnant the most important piece of advice that you may ever hear is to go to see the doctor. Your doctor can help you to rule out any problems that could keep you from conceiving. It is even more important to see your doctor before becoming pregnant if you have a chronic condition such as diabetes or any other medical condition that could endanger you or your baby.

Another piece of advice on getting pregnant is to maintain a health lifestyle. Smoking can be detrimental on the reproductive health of both men and women. If you are a smoker you should quit before even considering becoming pregnant. The use of alcohol or illegal drugs during pregnancy will also endanger the fetus as well as the mother and should not be used during pregnancy or it is likely that the baby will be born addicted at birth. Eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise are also important when trying to get pregnant. Being at a healthy weight can make a huge impact on how quickly you will be able to conceive.

While one of the perks of trying to get pregnant is having lots of sex it may be helpful for you to learn how to predict your time of ovulation. Once you have pinpointed your ovulation time the more sex you have during the 24-48 hour time frame the greater your chances are of becoming pregnant. Since the sperm can live in a woman’s body for up to four days, knowing roughly when your ovulation is happening can be really useful in getting pregnant quickly. There are ovulation test kits and calendars that can help you predict when this time will occur monthly.

My final piece of advice on getting pregnant is to stay relaxed and keep trying. Remember that getting pregnant is supposed to be fun and exciting, not hard work. Try to enjoy this special time together even if it takes a while for you to become pregnant. It is not unusual for it to take up to a year to for some couples to conceive.

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Article By: Renee Adair

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