8 Things Not To Eat When Trying To Lose Weight

Medical & Health Weight Loss 8 Things Not To Eat When Trying To Lose Weight

The road to successful weight loss can be bumpy and is filled with temptations and challenges. Accept that you will encounter these sidetracks and then set yourself a goal to overcome each and every one of them.

So if you are trying to lose weight there are some obvious things you should not eat. And yet there are still many people who will eat those fat burger meals and chocolates while on a "diet".

Here are 8 things not to eat while trying to lose weight:

1. Steakhouses

Refrain from visiting a steakhouse or restaurant because they can be a Nutritional Hell. Alot of the food served at such places such as fried onions are so full of calories, saturated fat and salt that it is actually a health risk eating it. And even worse, the onions are usually served with a sauce that has even more calories, fat and salt.

2. Fried Foods

Deep fried foods are nutritionally bad for anyone. Don' eat them! It will only be a havoc with your weight loss diet. Stay away from the common fried foods that you have come to take for granted and munch on like nuggets, fried chicken wings, french fries, fish and chips, sausages and bacons, fried noodles, fried rice.

3. Big, Bigger, Biggest Burgers.

Warning! Fat Fat Fat! Not necessarily the burger itself but all the accessories and toppings that come with it like extra cheese and bacon and sauces can be a real health risk. Order a plain burger with a little bit of sauce if you absolutely must have your burger. Also remember to resist that offer to upsize no matter at what huge discount you can enjoy. If you cannot resist that kind of offer, simply avoid going to burger joints.

4. Misleading Manufacturers

Don't believe the adverts, and make sure you know what you eat. A lot of so-called healthy food are the exact opposite. Make extra effort to check the labels on calorie and fat levels and make informed decision at point of purchase.

5. Appetisers

Try to avoid appetizers as generally they are full of calories. If you are on a weight loss diet, appetizers are a nutritional no-no. Simply eat the main dish which contains sufficient amount of nutrition for your body to satisfy your hunger. Or supplement with healthy soup and a smaller quantity of main dish.

6. Calorie Clogged Cakes and Cookies

Crumb Cake, cheese Cake, chocolate cake, whatever Cake... Just DON'T eat it! This can be one of dieters' many downfall. Quite easily!

7. Beverage to avoid

Drinking coke, coffee with cream or suger, tea with sugar etc can easily add up to 500 or more calories per cup. Drink water instead!! Lots of water can increase your metabolism and burn more calories while at the same time cleanse your body of toxic.

8. Snacks

This is bound to happen when you are watching tv, at the cinemas, picnis - stay away from potato chips, nachos and cheese, fatty crackers. Opt for healthy ones that have fibre, like wholemeal crackers, or crunchy carrots and celery.

Now that you are away of the "dangers" ahead of your dieting program, hope you will start to be mindful of the calories in the food and think about it before you eat.

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