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What You Absolutely Should and Shouldn’t Do To Boost Your Sex Drive and Enhance Performance

  1. Eat meat. Meat is high in the amino acid Arginine and the minerals Zinc and Iron that are essential for sexual performance.

  2. Make sure you eat complete protein such as eggs, cheese or meat. Missing even one of the eight essential amino acids in your diet may cause deficiencies of enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters or catalysts that regulate healthy sexual performance. Amino acid deficiencies can lead to impotence and infertility.

  3. If you’re a vegetarian, make sure you combine legumes or beans with whole grains as a source of complete protein. For example, black beans and rice or humus with pita bread are complete protein foods.
  4. Minimize your eating during the day to mostly raw fruits and vegetables. This ensures a daily detoxification of your body’s harmful toxins. It will also protect your tissues and blood vessels from the daily assault of free radicals. Protection from toxins and free radicals is imperative for healthy blood circulation and sexual performance. Detoxification is the first line of defense against aging. It will rejuvenate sexual desire and overall performance.

  5. Take Arginine. Arginine, as noted, is vital for the production of Nitric Oxide, which regulates vasodilation and erection. Arginine is also an important amino acid that plays an essential role in sperm count and mobility. Taking supplemental L-Arginine is a good idea as long as you balance it with Lysine in a safe ratio of 1:2 (1 Arginine to 2 Lysine)

  6. Eat protein on an empty stomach during the day to ensure a healthy supply of amino acids to your brain. Deficiencies of free form amino acids such as Tyrosine, or Methionine may compromise your ability to deal with stress and may eventually lead to sexual dysfunction.

  7. You can also take supplements of free form amino acids such as Tyrosine and Methionine on an empty stomach (to insure assimilation). Take it together with B vitamins that are co-factors in the production of brain neurotransmitters.
  8. Bee pollen is food for sex. Bee pollen can help boost your sperm count. Bee pollen isn’t just a fancy item in health food stores. Bee pollen is made from millions of particles of a semen-like substance. Pollen’s natural primal role is to fertilize.

  9. Avoid diets that are very low in fat. Fat is the building block for your sex hormones. When you try to lose weight, be smart. Keep fat on your plate. It makes your food tastier and your life sexier.
  10. Using essential fatty acids such as Flaxseed and Primrose should be your top priorities. Essential oils are the precursors of Prostaglandins (hormones on the cellular level that regulate performance and potency related functions).

  11. Hydrogenated oils may put the brakes on your sex life. Stay away from rancid fats or hydrogenated oils. They may interfere with healthy fat metabolism and may adversely affect sexual performance. Stay away from food that smells stale or funky. Check the ingredients on the back of the label.

  12. Aphrodisiac food is for real. Any food that you believe is an aphrodisiac may be so. The placebo affect is real. If you believe that chocolates or passion fruit, fertile eggs, figs, nuts or wine are aphrodisiacs go for them. Follow your instincts.

  13. Eat beans. They are high in proteins, minerals and polysaccharides that can fuel your sex machine. Some beans contain the protein L. Dopa that is associated with boosting libido.

  14. Take multi-vitamins & minerals daily. Vitamins and minerals are essential for the complex of biological actions (enzymatic hormonal and neuro-action that regulates healthy sexual performance).

  15. Eat almonds. Almonds are believed to be a most aphrodisiac food. They’re naturally rich in the minerals Zinc, Manganese and Copper. The above minerals are precursors for the antioxidant enzyme SOD that is essential for sexual potency. Almonds are rich in good fats, protein, and phytonutrients. This nut in its raw state has an alkalizing affect on the body. Almonds were regarded in the past as a symbol of male genitals and overall fertility. The high content of zinc makes this nut an extremely potent supplemental food for an active male.

  16. Take extra Vitamin E to ensure maximum protection from free radicals and oxidized fat. Vitamin E helps maintain the integrity of your blood vessels as well as your brain cells that play an active role in sexual performance.

  17. Stay away from excess sugar. Insulin insensitivity may cause blood sugar fluctuations that adversely affect energy production. Insulin insensitivity may also compromise neuro and circulatory actions that are BR>imperative for healthy performance.

  18. Coffee can boost your libido. Coffee boosts dopamine. Dopamine is a major neurotransmitter that is correlated with keeping the level of blood testosterone from dropping.

  19. Hot chocolate is an aphrodisiac. It has both stimulating and sedative properties. Cocoa is a powerful anti-oxidant for your brain cells. Chocolate and cocoa liquor was considered to be most aphrodisiac by the Aztecs and later on by the Spanish conquistadors.

  20. Eat fish and seafood. Fish is high in essential fatty acids especially omega 3 in it’s most active forms - DHA and EPA. Essential fats are important for healthy prostoglandins balance and thus are vitally important for sexual performance. Seafood is considered to be aphrodisiac food because of its high content of zinc, protein and especially iodine.

  21. Your libido needs iodine. The mineral Iodine plays an indirect role in healthy sexual performance. Iodine interacts with protein L-Tyrosine to produce Tyroxine, the thyroid hormone that regulates body heat and cellular energy production. Iodine deficiency may slow down the thyroid gland. Low thyroid is corrected with low testosterone and low libido.

  22. Overtraining may lead to impotency. Do not overtrain. Overtraining can exhaust all bodily systems. Too much physical or mental stress may lower your testosterone level. Overstressing yourself may take away your appetite as well as your sexual desire.

  23. Be romantic – don’t rush. Play it right. Let the fire build itself up. Make love – don’t just have sex. You know.

  24. Be hungry – hungry for life!!!

  25. Follow a daily cycle of undereating and overeating. Every day represents a complete cycle of events. Take advantage of the The Warrior Diet, it will ensure your best performance. Daily detoxification through the undereating phase will help you stay young, lean and maintain your vigor higher. Overeating at night will compensate you with the unrestricted pleasure of complete nourishment. You’ll learn how to trust your instincts and control stress. You will in time maximize your potential to be at your best. Following this daily cycle will naturally force your body to redesign itself. That’s when you’ll learn your real self-image. You’ll have more energy at your disposal. Your sex appeal will be boosted and so will your performance.

  26. Stay away from crash low calorie diets. A sudden drop in your daily calorie intake may cause a decline in sex hormones and a lagging libido.

  27. Stay away from long-term no-carb diets. Carbs in the form of whole grains are powerhouses of vital nutrients such as oils, vitamins & minerals, antioxidants, essential fiber and polysaccharides that help maintain healthy performance. The germ of grains is considered by many nutrition experts to be one of nature’s most potent foods. All life forces of a plant are condensed in the germ. From that point of view, any life-bearing food is a potent fertility enhancer. Carb nourishment is important for relieving stress and calming down. Carbs also help maintain healthy Thyroid function. Optimum thyroid functions and managing stress are necessary for healthy performance.

  28. Wine is aphrodisiac. A glass of wine can calm you down and from that perspective wine is good for sex. Wine is traditionally served to celebrate romantic moments.

  29. Do not binge drink. For men, heavy alcohol drinking has a diminishing effect on testosterone and sperm count. Alcohol may send a man to sleep instead of making love.

  30. Alcohol may have the opposite effect on women. Due to its highly estrogenic stimulation and the calming down feeling associated with drinking, many women feel sexually aroused after a couple of shots of liquor.
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Article By: Ori Hofmekler

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