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Are you certain that your bunch of holiday greeting cards can make an impact on your customers/recipients? The answer to that will hinge on how effective you personalize your greeting cards. Personalized greeting cards can help you establish a deep connection with your recipients without unashamedly pushing for your brand’s interests. To help you achieve such connection this holiday season, here’s a quick guide in creating effective personalized greeting cards:

Write a truthful and sincere message - The hitch with most business holiday cards these days is that they are pre-printed with generic, boring greetings. You can steer clear of this by personally writing a personal note that expresses sincere holiday message addressed individually to your recipients. You may also want to avoid copying from other cards or from online resources. Most of them sound so impersonal and distant, not the type of effect that you are going for.

Do not be too aggressive with marketing your brand – Show your sincerity in your personalized greeting card by controlling the urge to blatantly push your brand in front of your recipients. Your goal is to make your greeting card message read like a real, sincere holiday wish from a close friend. You can identify your corporate self by making use of logo and company colors in the greeting card design.
Consider cultural and religious background of your recipients – Avoid offending any of your recipients by getting to know their religious sensibilities regarding their celebration of the holidays. You probably have a database of customer information that you can refer to in order to know get an idea on how your recipients celebrate the holidays. But if cannot rely on your database for this crucial information, consider composing a nonspecific, nonreligious holiday greeting and a sincere with for a wonderful new year ahead of them.

Balance the text with the design elements – Make sure that your personalized greeting cards are appealing to your recipients. Keep in mind that a great holiday greeting card design is more than just fancy graphics or flashy colors. You need to balance every design elements – from the text to the colors – to achieve excellent visual impact, which will make your greeting cards memorable even after the holiday is over.

Personalizing your greeting cards can take so much time so you better plan and prepare ahead, especially if you are including a handwritten note and putting your signature to the cards. Even if you have a number of your staff member helping you with this task, it is still better to maintain a good head start to steer clear of the mailing rush that comes with the holiday season.

Personalized holiday greeting cards are very useful in connecting with your customers and building a deeper business relationship with them. Before sending them out, ensure that your greeting cards are well-made, each containing a friendly, personal note from you. It may be a very simple gesture but it is an effort that will surely leave a lasting impression on your customers.
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