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Almost all people especially those who are linked with in the business industry has their own full color business cards, however, not all of those said cards are memorable. The printing technology has evolved to the point that most of you can now order these cards with pop ups, cutouts, translucent overlays, and lots of other features. A business card does not stand out will not be remembered, thus always plan the design of your business cards cautiously before you order these things.

Always keep in mind that your business card style must always match your business establishment. For example, if you own a classy food business, your business card design must be always elegant and eye catching. A business card for day care usage, on the other hand must always be playful, fun and especially full of colors. To further improve your know how about these things, below are some of the examples that are planned to mirror the kind of business that they more often than not represent. All you have to do is to read on below and understand.

Salon people or more commonly known as hairstylist may make use of a business card that is especially shaped like a comb or even a hair dryer. The name of the individual and its contact details and information can be printed on the front with room for the clients next appointment date to be written in on the reverse side. This is a very simple design that is very easy to do, and the use of die cut kind is not limited to the stylist. It can also be cut into any shape that you can think of, including tractors, hearts and even animals. Always think about whether a die cut kind of card is right for your business and what kind of shape you may use for it.
Another alternative that you can always keep in mind is a kind of pop up. Lots of people make use of drawings or even caricatures of themselves as pop ups on these business card kinds. These more often than not add an aspect of fun to the business card and are most of the time utilized by people who have built a business brand around their own name or even their personality.

Image cards can also be printed in full color on one or even on both sides. Most of you can always make use of an image of yourself or something else that is related to your business establishment. For instance, if you are working as a real state agent or sales person, you may select to have an image of a house printed on your business cards, make use of your own image, or even do a combination of both the given alternative.

Other features you can more often than not include in your full color business card printing plan include embossed or even metallic letterings and odd shapes. You can plan your business cards so that they open up like a book or have extra pages that can be opened just like a fan. Business cards can be always planned with punch-outs that can be folded to make a tiny paper model of a car or even an airplane. You will just be limited by your imagination and your business budget in doing these things.

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