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If you think your Website development task which includes online shopping cart then magento feet well for your needs and requirement. Magento is open source ecommerce web application development software which is very helpful for your online shopping store website development solution. Ecommerce is wonderful web application software for your online shopping website development needs with which you can add strength in your website development project to buy or sell product or services online and run you e-business. Ecommerce provides various web application solution with which you can add document automation in supply chain and logistics, domestic and international payment systems, enterprise content management, Group buying, automated online assistants, instant messaging, newsgroups, Online shopping and order tracking, online banking, Online office suites, Shopping cart software, Teleconferencing and electronic tickets in your website development work.

Magento is an object-oriented PHP Framework that can be used for modern, dynamic website development that combine into Magento’s powerful eCommerce features for your one stop ecommerce solution. Magento organize its website development code into individual Modules. In a typical PHP Model-View-Controller (MVC) application, all the Controllers for website development will be in one folder, all the Models in another, etc. In Magento, files are grouped together based on functionality, which are called modules in Magento. When you want to customize or extend website development code into Magento you can able to create your own Modules in package which is a unique name that identifies your company or organization. When you create a new Module, you need to add an XML file to the website development folder.

Magento is a configuration-based MVC system which is totally different than your convention-based MVC system for website development. In convention-based MVC system when you want to add new controller or model then it will pick it up automatically. In convention-based MVC system when you want to add your website development new controller or maybe a new Model, you’d just create the file/class, and the system would pick it up automatically. In a configuration-based system, like Magento, in addition to adding the new file/class to the codebase, you must tell explicitly to the system about the new class, or new group of classes. In Magento, each Module has a file named config.xml. This file contains the entire relevant configuration for a Magento website development module. At runtime, all these files are loaded into one large configuration tree.
In magento your website development URL describes your basket properties very clearly which helps you to customize its code. In magento the first portion of website development URL determines where the controller is or modules is located. Second portion define controller or modules category. It tells magento which controller for website development it should use. Each Module with Controllers has a special folder name and has same properties for your website development. Third portion of website development URL recognize action for that web page. Some magento users take action as view to tell magento to perform action which views the particular ID page. ID is a parameter value which tells which load your website development product with that assigned ID.

Magento also provides multiple routers for your website development shopping cart solutions. Above described method is a magento’s frontend method. If magento doesn’t find valid controller/action for a assigned URL then it follow with another website development admin application rule. It magento doesn’t find valid website development admin Controller/Action, it uses Mage_Cms_IndexController. This time website development CMS Controller checks Magento’s website development content management system to see if there’s any website development content that should be loaded. If it finds some, it loads it, otherwise the user will be presented with a custom 404 page.
Website development
with magento ecommerce software is not as easy as you think about. It requires great exposure to PHP website development as well as good database skills. If you want to learn magento website development very quickly then you can contact at Our expert magento website developers provides magento training which help you tom learn store configurations, shipping methods configurations, payment Methods configuration and creating and Managing CMS pages/Blocks in magento.

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