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Search engine marketing is a multifaceted business. It is always worth remembering that each site needs its own solutions. However, there are some techniques which have a good track record of improving site performance. As SEO generally becomes more difficult over time, it makes sense to explore those strategies which have kept the potential to succeed. Video is still making sites perform much better than they would otherwise. Nonetheless, if a video is not optimised correctly, it will not have the desired impact. Nor should the use of YouTube be ruled out if all the best options are to be kept at hand.

Optimisation of videos

One authority has listed a few tips which can help a video-featuring site prosper. They have cited a report which stated that a properly optimised video was much more likely to feature on the first page of Google. Whether the statistics used are accurate or not, the general point is that optimisation can deliver. The idea is that using a sitemap, a transcript and keywords can help a site with video to fulfil its potential. The argument is that the transcript gives search engine web crawlers an opportunity of seeing what is in the video without watching. Once it is optimised correctly, a video can be shared using various social media networks.
Video is changing

Nothing in optimisation tends to stay precisely the same. As the number of British users of YouTube has increased significantly, the search engines have been taking another look at it. A report has said that about 70 per cent of Google’s top 100 search listings included video during the bulk of 2012. This means that many companies and their consultants are rushing to get in on the video action. The video has to be as appropriate, interesting and well produced as ever, but there now needs to be a greater emphasis placed on engaging the user than ever before. This is because many videos are put on YouTube and Google has started to reward videos based on their total viewing times instead of on their total number of clicks.

Rankings can be won by smaller businesses

It is important not to get carried away with the hype. However, there are some in the industry who believe that video can serve as something of a leveller between the smaller and the larger players. If keywords are used with sufficient skill, it is sometimes possible for an SME to punch above its weight. This is arguably related to the way in which Google seems to give prominence to video over conventional results.
Video content: some continuity with the past

The instructional video has a long and successful history. If something is not broken then it does not pay to fix it. Users still want to learn about how goods and services work; site owners can still benefit from telling them. A lot may be in the process of changing with regard to video optimisation, but what may need to be put in the video might not be that new.

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