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“Necessity is the mother of invention” is usually a proverb but it is well justified when it is more elaborated. It is very true that human mind opens up or brings out an idea whenever there is a need for it. And thus an invention happens. If we look back on time, we shall observe the difference between what we were and where we stand now. For instance, let us take the example of a cellular phone. A mobile phone was invented in the year 1973 but it subscriptions of cell phones have grown since early 90’s and took a peak with the coming of the 21st century. If we think of the time when we had our first mobile phone, we didn’t have any pre-paid connections; we only had post paid connections. Mobile easy load was hardly provided by any subscriber. But if look around today’s scenario we see a mobile easy load provider every nook and corner of the globe.

It is not only the telephone or wireless phone though which we can communicate over a long distance or across countries. Today, one can make calls through the net calling service. There are some devices available known as the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) set up. This type of technology is known as internet telephony or Voice over Broad Band (VoBB). Technology has made communication easier and net calling service has made communication faster and cheaper. People can also video chat with one another using such type of service.

Not only services related to cellular phone but also there are many well advanced facilities which we can avail today. Let’s take example of visa service. Previously there were limited agencies that used to take care of visa related issue. Or only government agencies used to take care of these activities but now-a-days there is an institution called visa consultancy which takes care of all visa needs of travelers. On can easily apply for the visa process or handover one’s visa related works to a visa consultancy. These consultancies have expertise in the processing of visa.
Again, we it comes to travelling or visiting an unknown place. A traveler has to make a lot of preparations, for e.g. flight/train/bus booking, hotel booking, places to visit, knowledge of the place, food, bedding luggage etc. it was exciting as well as hectic. But in the present day scenario there are many tours and travels which take care of each and every requirement of your journey. These tours and travels let a traveler at ease and enjoy a vacation without any tension in mind. These agencies ensure full comfort to their clients and never have any intension of making their travelers uncomfortable. Their services are not limited to various travel packages but they also provide services like train ticket booking, bus ticket booking, air ticket booking, hotel reservation, etc. Frequent fliers or say any flier would want a cheap flight booking. Such travelers can book a ticket through them and at a very reasonable rate. Most often cheap flight booking is possible only through these travel agencies.

Nevertheless, with time the world has moved fast, very fast indeed. Man has reached moon, man has made the impossible as possible and technology has brought a revolution in the history of mankind.
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