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As much as possible, when dealing with commercial printers like Dallas printing companies or DFW printing companies, it is more preferred that you have a good mutual and harmonious relationship with each other. However, there may be instances that a customer makes a wrong choice in commercial printer or simply does not get along well with the way that commercial printer works. Merely for the purpose of explanation, let us refer to these companies as “Bad Commercial Printers” and let us list different things that you as a customer will not hear from them.

We can’t do that. Experienced commercial printing companies know to refuse requests during those rare times that they are hopelessly swamped with work. Bad commercial printing companies on the other hand will not admit any shortcomings and would most likely accept any requests you give them. The problem with this is that quality is almost always compromised in these cases and all because the printer didn’t want to lose a sale. Things usually turn ugly the moment the customer receives their prints and find out that they were given substandard service.

We’ll waive those extra fees just for you. While the customer may always be right, the commercial printer has the final decision on whether or not you will be receiving any special discounts and privileges. Chances are that if you have a less than impressive relationship with the employees working at your chosen commercial printing company, they would not be actively trying to give you the lowest prices or the best deals. Bad commercial printers might even go out of their way to ensure that you do not find out about better alternatives, and for sure they will try to milk out every cent out of you.
[Other Printer] specializes in what you need. For sure, you will not expect a bad commercial printer referring you to other printing companies. It’s true that it is bad business practice to always be referring customers to your competitors, but real professionals will be completely honest about their capabilities and limitations. A good commercial printer will realize when it would be best for you to take your business elsewhere, and after all, it would look bad for a company to accept jobs that they are not equipped well enough to do.

Reliable commercial printers maintain professionalism, integrity, and commitment with every business transaction that they enter. For sure, you will never find professionals like Dallas printing companies or DFW printing companies slinging mud on competitor’s names or accepting jobs that they do not have equipment or the time for. Smart customers should always know how to interact with commercial printers, and they should also learn to separate the good commercial printing companies from the bad ones. Hopefully, the next time you hear—or rather, don’t hear—the things listed above, then you should be wary of the integrity and the professionalism of that commercial printer. You wouldn’t want to be stuck forever with a bad commercial printer, after all.

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