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A rising number of firms are making the most of email marketing. This form of promotion can be cost effective and simple to implement, so it is no surprise that bosses are keen to take advantage of it.

However, if organisations are to reap the full benefits of such advertising, it is important that they adopt a savvy approach.

Writing on Business 2 Community recently, entrepreneur Rosalind Henshell noted that when used correctly, email updates and newsletters can be “very effective”. Commenting on the format, she said: “The great thing about email is that it’s fairly unobtrusive; people will click in and read if they are interested or the message could stay in their inbox and act as a reminder of who you are for when it’s more relevant.”
However, if companies do not adopt the right approach to e-marketing of this kind, they might find their messages fail to have the desired effect, the expert added.

One tip offered by Ms Henshell concerned keeping the emails relevant and brief. About this, she stated: “People don’t usually want to spend all day reading emails, so keep your updates short and to the point. If you want to include more information then link it back to your blog. This way the readers can choose the level of information they get, and you know that those who click through are likely to be more interested in what you are offering.”

In addition, emails should look attractive, she claimed. According to the businesswoman, keeping paragraphs short and well spaced makes them more appealing and easier to read.

Ms Henshell went on to note that emails should not be sent simply for the sake of it. Instead, they should be worth consumers’ time to read. Commenting on this, she remarked: “If people recognise that the mails you send them will be interesting and add value to their day then they’ll be glad to open them.”
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