Make Money Using Unused Domains by Converting it in Blog

Internet Internet Marketing Make Money Using Unused Domains by Converting it in Blog

Many of us booked domain names and it's a fact that most of the domains are unused. Reason is in such a competitive market most of us target our main domains and plan to launch other domains in near by future. Fact is most of the domains which are unused are generic in nature and can perform well in search engines if managed well. It's all about time and money due to which most of these domains are neglected.

These are the few questions which come up in mind of webmasters:

  • How to make money with unused domains?
  • Is it possible to earn money using unused domains?
  • How to increase come flow from domains?
  • How to monetize domains?

Reason of above listed question is we have to renew domains every year as we don't want to lose a good domain but money is going from our pocket.

ANSWER of above question is quite simple: START a Blog over your Unused Domain

We all agree that running a blog is not a simple and it's needed to invest money. But our opinion is to start a blog on your best domains choose the best domains and start blog, as these blogs can support your business in number of ways:

  1. Give you important links back to your main website. We think so if you are posting quality contents and giving you link to your main website then it's not going to be a SPAM activity. But over promotion always hurt, so do it smartly.
  2. You can earn money from Google Adsense and Google Affiliate Network. If we keep lowest point in mind then also within a year you can earn some money from Google Adsense and Google Affiliate Network which will cover up hosting and domain cost. Note: It's a prediction only you can earn more money or maybe less as it depends a lot on niche and how well your blog is performing in search engines.
  3. You can sell advertisement on your Blog.
  4. In future if you like to promote your product or services you can use your blogs to promote things.
  5. No need to keep on contacting other webmasters for link exchange or buy links from relevant sites. Instead of buying links from relevant sites we think so creating your own site is far better option.

Above are few of the important ways through which you can get benefitted by running blogs on your unused domains.

We at Network Blog, create blogs in affordable rates where we do all the work from setting up a blog to creating contents, basic SEO to some off page promotions, Adding Google Adsense ads to sitemap creation etc. You can create a blog or go for complete blog network we are here to provide quality services in reasonable rates.

Start creating your blog or Blog network from Network Blog NOW!

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