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The purpose of a booklet is to inform its readers about a particular business or service, effectively making it as a marketing tool. But to better serve its purpose, a booklet should have a layout that makes it easy for readers to have a handle on the flow of information. Booklet pages are basically double page design with prints on both sides. A nice layout of a booklet ensures that the material achieves its purpose. To fully take advantage of booklet printing, here are three types of booklet layout that you may want to consider:

Tri-fold Booklet Layout.
This type of booklet printing layout is consisted of a single sheet folded twice, which opens to display six pages of content. To make the most of tri-fold layout, you can place two product photos accompanied by short descriptions on every page. For branding, you can put your company logo on the first page. Allot the next four pages to your products while the last page should be reserved for your contact details. Aside from easy navigation, a tri-fold booklet layout provides the reader the convenience of carrying around the booklet in a backpack or the back pocket of his or her pants.

Folded Booklet Layout.
The folded booklet layout is the most common type of layout, often used for newsletters that are sent to regular customers. This type of layout is usually broken down into four sections, with each section containing a different color or motif to draw the reader into looking at a particular content. One or two pages can be allotted to images, while the rest may carry pertinent details about the business or the offering.
To make the most of either of these types of layout, make sure to keep your content short. Keep in mind that your booklet’s purpose is to share information so try to do so in a manner that will not bore your audience.

For best results, consider breaking up the content into short paragraphs or better yet, bullet points. You can sum up the information using charts or images to keep your audience engaged into what you are trying to tell them. To make your custom booklet printing a success, you must aim to engage your readers. Interesting visual elements can help you do the job. Regardless of the information that you want to share, ensure that the content is readable and the images do not extend beyond the texts to avoid distracting your readers. Choose a font style and color scheme that set off each other to enhance the readability of the booklet. It also goes without saying the font size must be a big enough for readers of any age.

Finally, consider carefully the quality of your booklet. To make sure that your booklet reflects your professionalism, consider getting the services high quality booklet printing service. If you must invest in custom booklet printing, do so without holding back. Marketing booklets are often the first business literatures that customers get from a company, so try not to ruin the opportunity.

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