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There are many techniques to getting more visitors to your website or blog. Here are a few of the better ways of getting more visitors to your website. Oh, and they're all free and you should be able to implement most in just a few minutes.

Firstly, some things to keep in mind as you read these tips and tricks for getting more, free, website visitors...

  • Google looks at your website and tries to think how a human would think.If a real person would rate your website highly, then so will Google.
  • Google reads the words on your website.Phrases that you want to get found with should at least appear somewhere on your website.
  • A real person would rank more highly a website with lots of links to it. If lots of other people link to the site then it must be popular.Google ‘thinks’ in exactly the same way using a technique called Page Rank or PR. More on this later.
  • Content that changes is more interesting for repeat visitors,and Google rates more highly websites that change frequently for this exact reason.
OK, with these key ideas in mind, lets move on to sending more people to your website. Who knows, the increase in website traffic may increase inquiries, orders and profit!
Change your writing style

As an example, take the last sentence from the previous paragraph. It used to read like this...

OK, with these key ideas in mind, lets move on...

This sentence would be OK in the real world, but it contains no words of any importance or relevance to our topic. The sentence was edited to contain pertinent words relating to increasing website traffic and now reads like this...
OK, with these key ideas in mind, lets move on to sending more people to your website.
Who knows, the increase in website traffic may increase inquiries, orders and profit!

Look at every sentence on your website. Does it stand up on its own? Cut out the clutter and add key words and phrases. If you sell cars, avoid impotent phrases like "Customer Service to Rely On" and use phrases such as "Discount Car Dealership, Midlands UK". Potential visitors searching on Google won't be searching for "customer service", but they will be searching for "car dealership, midlands".

Another small tip relating to your writing style is to use all derivatives of words. Take for example the car dealership. Visitors searching Google might type "dealership" or they might type "dealer". Try to use both in your text to appear in as many search results as possible.

Get Inbound Links

Links to your website from others offer two great benefits.

  • Visitors to the other sites might see the link to your site and pay your site a visit.
  • Your website Page Rank will be increased as your site now looks more popular.

One of my favourite websites for blagging a free link from is Fill in the small form on the home page and they build a page for you based on your location (give a false postcode if you're not location based). This free page is built to do well on search engines and includes a link back to your website. has a Page Rank of 5 at the time of writing, which is well worth getting a link from.

To get your free page found, do recommend that you link to it from your own page, otherwise the search engines won't know it exists. On this note it's worth mentioning that although you want to get as many inbound links as you can, you should also avoid adding too many outbound links.


How can Ebay help increase traffic to your website? Ebay is a very popular website and links from it to your own website will make your site look more popular. By ensuring that you always have auctions on the go at Ebay, you will always have links to your own website. It doesn't matter what you are selling as long as you remember to add links to your own website from each auction.


It's not relevant to all websites, but why not give your website a mention and a link in Wikipedia. Most pages in Wikipedia have links to external sites, so why not add yours! If you are blatantly spamming then be prepared to be removed straight away, so make sure your website is related to the topic in question.

Home Page

Re-write a portion of your home page every month. Adding news items is a great way to force you to do this and gives you a reason to change the page monthly. And don't forget, a website with out of date news items looks as though the company has gone bust, so once you start this technique for generating website traffic it is most definitely an on-going process.


  • Re-write your website content or get somebody to do this for you. Include good words and phrases and cut out the dross!
  • Get some auctions underway on Ebay
  • See if any pages in Wikipedia or similar will handle a link to your site

Tim Walton is the Managing Director of Evesham Solutions Ltd with over 13 innovative years in application and internet development. A geek with social skills and a passion for customer care, razor sharp business skills and an ability to simplify the most complex of ideas – desperately seeking like-minded individuals to take on the world.

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