I was implementing AdSense for search and had some questions

Internet Google Adsense I was implementing AdSense for search and had some questions

First, like all of you I am still learning the online revenue generating techniques with affiliate programs and by other forms of advertising. Now today, I was implementing the Google Adsense for search and I found that may be I cannot add "search box" since I was already having 3 ad units on some of my pages so I asked them..
here are the questions I asked and what google has replied.
Ali Roman : First, I will add the "AdSense for search" in the header, which means it will display throughout the website, but on some pages I have already 3 blocks of Adsense code used (not search), so can I add "AdSense for search" there ? becuase after adding the "AdSense for search" code there may be 4 blocks of code by google (3 Ad blocks and 1 Search block) ? does it conflict with the terms, where you have put a limit to put 3 Adsense code blocks..

Google Official : Yes, you may place an AdSense for search box on pages that already have
three ad units on them. In fact, on any given page you're welcome to place
up to:

- three standard ad units
- one link unit
- two search boxes
- four referral units for different products

Ali Roman
: Tthe look of "AdSense for search" cannot be matched with my site, I wanted to put everything in 1 line, e.g.
the option button of "Web, Your Domain .com" then search box and then "search google" button, and I dont want its traditional style. Can I change the look of the search box? or I cant change its text ? "google search" to "search" or not ?..
Google Official : While we do not allow publishers to alter the AdSense for search code,
we do offer a number of display options for AdSense for search. Under the
'AdSense Setup' tab in your AdSense account, you may choose to:

- Open search results in a new window
- Customize the length and layout of the Google search box
- Select colors or styles for your AdSense for search results

Please be aware, however, that modification of the AdSense for search code
is a violation of the AdSense program policies. Publishers may not:

- Pre-populate the AdSense for search box
- Create links to Google AdSense for search results
- Frame Google AdSense for search results

Thats pretty useful information to know how many ad units we can place on one page and wether or not we can modify anything within the ad or search box code.

 For more reference, visit the AdSense Help
Center (http://www.google.com/adsense_help), complete resource center for all AdSense topics.
the forum just for AdSense publishers: the AdSense Help Group
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