How To Reach The Rank One in Google?

Internet Internet Marketing How To Reach The Rank One in Google?

Came across flash site which No. 1 perpetually. I am determined to find out the reasons behind it:

Initially, I found that:

1. It's not mere flash site. The flash site is not on the top page. Instead, the top page has only 2 buttons: view the flash presentation and go to the main site. With this, Google or other search engine will be able to crawl the main page, which is content rich and not overseeing the flash.
2. In the main page, it's full of magnetizing clicks: such as "Bookmark me", "Make me your home page" and "Tell a friend". This is good to get people to remember the site. This ar also good to market the site virally.

3. The main page have a "subscribe me" which able to send newsletter to users. This will be able to keep their subscriber in touch and inform them of any new items which is selling in the "store" page.

4. The main page has many testimonies from people who wrote in to tell how good the site was. This is very useful, as new users will be influenced by "social proof" that this is a great site!

5. The site sells many other products, such as screensaver, calendar, poster. . .etc
6. The site has the main poem dictated out which is content rich!

Well, all these look common as I have learnt these tricks from many SEO and how to make a good magnetizing website. However, are these the only secrets that I noticed? Actually, there were indeed the only secrets that I notice INITIALLY!

Did I miss out anything?. . . I reviewed the site again and WAIT... this time, I saw it!

I noticed that, wherever I clicked on this top flash site, the URL remains the same, I mean it will not show "main.html" or "god.html" or other html on the address bar. This mean, it's a frame and subform!

Hmmm...I smell something fishy now!

I click on the "view source" and the ultimate secret revealed!

What I saw was this is a REALLY CONTENT RICH site! (Go ahead, don't take my on the "view source" and you will see what I mean. . .) You will bind to see many articles "embedded" within the main form, which is transparent to users, but, readable by search engineer and robot!

The author had skillfully, embedded many such articles in the main form, and make the main form size very small (0 or 1) and without frame and scroll bar. So to users, it looks like a normal 1 page html site that link call other html, but the fact is, it's a 1 page frame site with many God related articles embedded and calling many subforms!

Very smart and skillful indeed!

So, other then the magnetization of point 1 - 6 I mentioned above, the ultimate secret is point 7 which is not much people or web builder will normally do is: "embedding" large and massive content in the page, which is transparent to human eyes but friendly and readable by search engine!

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