How To Promote Multiple Streams Of Income

Internet Making Money How To Promote Multiple Streams Of Income

If youre reading this article chances are you are looking to earn money online. Well I have been earning a part time income online now for over three years, and I know what it takes to succeed thats why I am going to teach you today how to successfully earn and promote multiple streams of income online.

First you must choose two income streams that you know are running good, and that you know a little bit about. You will of course then need to join each of these programs so you know how they work and function. Knowing the programs you are promoting inside and out is going to be key so you can answer any questions people might bring to your attention.

Then what you will want to do is decided on which program you will promote full force, and which one will be your back up program. You will probably want to go with the one that converts better as your front running program, and leave the one that converts a little less as your backend program.
Now there are two ways you can promote multiple streams of income. You can either have both streams of income on one page with links leading to
other pages of information about the programs, or you have it setup so they join one then after a few weeks you sell them on the other.

I like the second way better myself for the simple fact that if you have faith in your first program and it does what it says then people will love it, and they will love you for showing it to them. Then most people will want to know what else you do to make money online. This is when you show them the backend program that you lightly are promoting.

Doing it that way is what I find works out best for most people. However you can still promote both programs on one page and give people the option to choose which program best fits their needs. However I find that this doesnt work as well because some people become confused, and dont really know exactly what they are getting into no matter how easy you set it up.

So that does it. That is pretty much the blueprint for how you should go about promoting two business opportunities to people. Again I recommend selling people your other opportunity as a backend program, but Ill leave that up to you to decide.

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