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Tell me if you have experienced this scenario: You have an idea that you are certain will change the course of humanity. Your idea is so revolutionary that people will be beating your door down to get it. However, because of the daily riggers of life, you set your idea on the shelf. A couple of months later, while watching television, you see your idea there. Someone else stole it from you and is profiting from it. Naturally, they just had a similar idea. The difference is that the other individual acted upon that idea as opposed to forgetting about it.

If you are like most people, this has happened to you. Perhaps it has occurred on more than one occasion. As much as this is a disheartening experience, it is good to remember that you thought up the idea yourself. Even though someone else had the same idea, if you knew nothing of it, you mentally created the product yourself. This is really uplifting if the idea turns out to be an extremely successful venture.

It is important to remember that in this scenario, you had a million dollar idea. For those who had this happen a couple of different times, congratulations. You generated a number of million dollar products. This shows that you are entirely capable of having a multitude of wealth generating ideas.

Many people believe that they do not have the capability to develop something of this nature. They feel that the creation of successful products and services is only relegated to an elite few. The truth is that anyone can come up with a winning idea. It happens everyday. Those who typically create things in the manner are regular people who see a need. The major difference is they do something about it. Taking action is what separates them from those who kick themselves for missing an opportunity.

Business coaches teach that a fundamental component of success is to follow this basic formula: find a need and fill it. The more people who have the same need, the more successful your enterprise will be. The largest corporations serve tens of millions of people with their products, thus creating huge revenues. In comparison, a small business will cater to hundreds, perhaps, thousands of individuals. Regardless of the size, the successful businesses fill a particular void in their customer's lives.

Fortunately, today, the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well within a segment of the our population, Turn on the television late at night and you will see the results of these people's ideas. There are infomercials promoting all kinds of products. These are not ideas generated by the huge “think tanks” at the Fortune 500 companies. Rather, the products offered are the creations of regular people. They are generating terrific incomes off something that was a mental image in their mind.

The human mind is a curious mechanism. It has the power to look at things in a way that is different from what presently exists. Some of the best ideas are not “white sheet” creations. Instead, they were alterations made to existing products or services already in existence. An example of this is the ladders marketed on television. These devices can be folded to fit into a variety of positions. They can be raised, lowered, or set up as scaffolding. Of course, there is nothing novel about the ladder. It is something that existed for thousands of years. Yet someone added to its basic design to manufacture a product that serves a multitude of purposes. This is a wonderful tool for those individuals who have the applications these products serve.

As mentioned, everyone is capable of having ideas of a similar magnitude. Begin by asking yourself, what would make your life easier? If there is an area of your life that is difficult, there is a good chance others are experiencing the same challenges. Can you make something larger, smaller, or easier to use? Is there something that can be altered slightly to serve a completely different purpose? How could you solve some of the daily obstacles if you had unlimited resources? Questions such as these help to focus you mind to see things a bit differently.

Everything that we see around us started at some point as an idea. Someone had a thought that eventually resulted in the creation of the product you know enjoy. Perhaps there were many generations that item went through until it reached the form it is in today. Begin to think in terms of taking something and moving it into its' next cycle.

People have million dollar ideas everyday. Unfortunately, for most, they discount them as silly or impossible. They feel this way until they see the same idea on television a few months later. Believe in the capability of the mind to develop these mental resources. Cherish your ideas. When mixed in with some action, they become the main ingredients for your success.

Dennis Harting is the Head Coach at Your Rich Life. He is an acclaimed speaker, trainer, and best-selling author. His books include Your Easiest Million and The Ultimate Procrastination Handbook. His programs and more information can be found at http://www.yourrichlifeinc.com

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