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The most recent on Google Places (Local Maps) & Natural SEO

   Google is changing. They are now integrated into Google Places (Local Maps) and natural (organic) results and everyday there appears to be something new!

    Now-a-days Google is giving everyone a pure reason to scroll down all the results from page 1. One time you are on page 1, the real ranking position will turn out to be less and lesser all the way through 2011.

   Why? Because people may not click your website link or yet take a look at your website if you do not have lots of 4 / 5 star reviews, a nice thumbnail image of your practice (uploaded by Google Places) and a gorgeous website “preview image” to pull towards you their attention.

   You observe, Google now has a small magnifying glass icon next to every link of the website and if you pass the mouse you can see a popup preview of your website. And guess what? Flash is not currently in the forecast, as the iPhone or iPad. All that Flash is presented as a huge unattractive gray box, bad news for full flash websites! And another warning that Flash animation is unquestionably on its alternative so HTML 5 or JavaScript animation must be well thought out as an urgent replacement.

   The good news is that you’ll get a lower Bounce Rate (the ratio for website visitors that leave immediately after just looking at 1 page) – if you ever cared about that! – Because those who would leave will simply choose not to visit your website at all.
   The good news is that you will get a lower Bounce Rate (the ratio of website visitors to leave at once after in few minutes appearing on page 1) - if you have already focused attention on it! – Reason is that for those who will simply choose not to visit their website at all.

What in relation to Google Natural Vs Google AdWords?

   I have observe Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click Sponsored advertising as a short term 1st year put right to gain instant rankings at the same time as you stay for your local and natural SEO to approach to final result over 3-6 months or 6-12 months, depending on the competitive nature keyword / locations. Google AdWords must not be a part of long term strategy.
   I know that many of dentists can able to SAVE LOADS OF MONEY instantly. All they need to do is STOP PAYING to promote for their own name when they have by now rank no.1 on the natural listing for their particular name.

   People looking up your name would normally click on the first link they see and if you’re already no.1 on the natural then it’ll be FREE. If you pay-per-click for your own name then you’re competing with yourself and that is such a ridiculous waste. And you wonder why dentists are paying so much money on Google?

    People search of their name usually while clicking on the first link where they see and if you are already No. 1 on the natural resources, then it cost will be free. If you are PPC for each click on your own name, then you are in competition with yourself and that is a preposterous waste. And you doubt why dentists are paying so much money for Google?

   I appreciate that the Google Analytics statistics indicate that many people can find your website subsequent to searching your own name!

   Hello, I am Aileen Akaman working as website design and dental consultant related with dental marketing firm in UK and provides information about dental design, dental marketing companies, SEO Service, consultancy franchise and Email Marketing. We are also publishing a blog regarding target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href="">Google dental marketing strategy which includes Google PPC services and dental website templates.

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