Cell phone real name system protect personal information security

Internet Internet Marketing Cell phone real name system protect personal information security

   The cell phone real-name system enter implementation phase at last. The reporter knew from the three large operators Beijing division yesterday, they all receive the notice of carrying out cell phone real-name system from their own group. They are arranging the job of next step according to the requirement of MII and their group.

   Implementation of mobile phone real name system, can prevent the source, "SMS harassment" rule "SMS fraud", but also against "mobile phone Jurisprudence", Singapore, Japan, Korea, Thailand and other countries have implemented cell phone real name system. In this regard, I agree with hands above their heads. However, I am concerned that mobile phone real name system, large amounts of personal information and data for the telecommunications companies and carriers obtained over telecommunications companies and operators to guarantee the subscriber information safe?

   For a long time, because of the lack of similar to the "Privacy Act" or "Personal Information Protection Act," such laws to protect our citizens and Lanyong leaked personal information has reached a considerable serious.

   In real life, may result in disclosure of personal information, more and more links. In my resume, cover letter, bank accounts, network registration, admission process of completing various forms, including name, age, blood type, home address, phone number, and many are likely to divulge personal information. In order to obtain illegal benefits, many companies or individuals to collect information of others to get the market selling profit. Personal information was leaked that citizens are often confused miserable business marketing, buyers highly decorated company "telephone harassment" is an obvious example.

   China Youth Daily social survey by the Centre through a 2422 public launch site on a survey, 88.8% said they have suffered because of leakage of personal information and disturbing experience, 98.9% of public support for legislation to protect personal information.

   In this case, the implementation of cheap cell phone real name system, we have to worry about the security of personal information. More important, communication services involving agents, operators, and other aspects, the user agent in blossom everywhere to purchase phone cards, you can not rule out the possibility of leakage agents. And holds a lot of personal information operators, are more likely to be users of information security risks. Binding agents on how real-name system, the behavior of operators to ensure the security of user information are key issues that must be considered.

   So, I think that cheap Chinese mobile phones real name system needs to protect the personal information security as a precondition.
   On the one hand, the communications sector should be convincing to take effective measures to plug possible loopholes leading to leakage of personal information to protect the security of user data, in particular, to strengthen the operators, the regulatory agency. At the same time, a commitment to the community, once the user information communications sector because of poor management lead to information disclosure, either operators or agents of the reason, must be liable to the user ease.

   On the other hand, the relevant department of the nation should fasten the legislation of protecting personal cell phones information and reveal the legal responsibility and accountability measures of disclosing the personal information and building the solid gate for citizen information security by the strength of law.

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