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Welcome to this easy guide to styling your presentation folders. It is easy to make your designs more modern and trendy, ready for that presentation folder printer. So you do not have to worry about a very complicated process of design. All you have to do is just to follow the guidelines listed below, and it should be easy to get the right kinds of trendy and “fashionable” layouts for your presentation folders. Just read carefully the guidelines below and you should be able to adjust your designs for folder printing more appropriately.

1. Use more dynamic color backgrounds – In typically folder printing, people just rely on the color of the material for the pocket folders as the base of the design. However, if you want to style your own custom presentation folders in the modern and more fashionable way, you will want to avoid leaving it plain like that.

Using more dynamic color backgrounds with gradients and simulated textures are the best practices to get that more complete and modern style for your prints. So at the outset, try to decide on a good dynamic background that fits your presentation folder theme.
2. Use graphics that have minimal hard points and edges – You can also get a more modern design by using graphics that have minimal hard points and edges. For professional folder prints and other similar presentation folders, using rounder and curvier style graphics is a lot more appropriate as people relate this to the modern digital design 2.0 style.

By going for sleeker logos and icons like those dictated in this concept, your presentation folders will become comparable to those modern designs. This makes them look more current and of course more competitive with other kinds of similar prints.

3. Use font styles similar to Internet web 2.0 styles - You can also take a lesson from web designers by using font styles from web 2.0 websites. Web 2.0 fonts are basically font styles that are sleeker, smoother and of course more streamlined. They represent the modern style text content that are clear, clean and stylish at the same time. That is why it is highly recommended that you upgrade your font styles to something similar to web 2.0 styles. This adds that easy addition to make your presentation folders look more modern.

4. Use enhanced and color corrected images – Almost all digital and printed designs today use enhanced images. So make it a point to also match them in their efforts and use enhanced and color corrected images in your quality presentation folder designs.
This not only upgrades your picture quality for your presentation folders, but they also of course bring in that impressive quality that is your key to a more modern impressive and competitive presentation folder design. So try and integrate this design practice in your presentation folder printing.

5. Add extra dimensions and layers to your design – Finally, even for your cheap presentation folders, you can try adding that fashionable style by adding extra dimensions and layers in the design itself. By simulating the third dimension through shadows, isometric views and of course actually multiple layers, people should see a more detailed presentation folder that gives out a better and more complete “picture” of what it actually wants to say.

Now you should be more prepared to change your presentation folders and make them more trendy with designs that are on par with the current printed “fashions”. Try to see if you can apply all of these tips for the best results.

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