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Let me teach you how to style your stickers in the right and trendy way for modern audiences. Once you know all about these steps and have implemented them, then your drafts should be ready enough for that professional sticker printer. So take care in reading the items in the list below. Make sure that you learn from these, so that all your customized stickers will turn out good looking and trendy.

1. Remove all hard points and edges – The first thing to do to make your customized stickers look trendy is to look at your design and try to remove all the hard points and edges present in the symbols, logos and other types of special graphics.

By doing this and replacing those features with smoother and curvier elements, you add a sleeker and trendier look into the sticker design. It takes some good creative taste of course to do this, but if you are creative enough, it should be easy to get the right sleek graphics for your bumper stickers, and other kinds of sticker printing.
2. Upgrade graphics to a shinier style – Another thing you can do for your custom stickers is to upgrade the graphics to a shinier style. Many people do not realize it, but by adding shiny spots or lighter spots in their graphics, logos and photographs, you can already simulate a high quality custom bumper sticker or label sticker.

This is because that shiny quality is a key characteristic of high quality sticker printing. Luckily for you, it does not cost extra actually to add these lighter spots, so even with cheap custom sticker printing this is possible. So do not be afraid, no one is stopping you. Try to upgrade your graphics to a shinier style.

3. Adopt brighter and more vibrant colors – Along with using shinier types of graphics, you may also want to add a touch of vibrant color. One of the best things that you can do here is to just increase the vibrancy of your current sticker colors or just swap some key colors to brighter hues.

Most of the popular sticker color schemes today use this as most of the digital media is using brighter and more colourful hues as well. Since nowadays, the design trends come from digitally created layouts, taking inspiration from them is not a bad idea. So try and review their color schemes and adopt those brighter and more vibrant colors for yourself.
4. Get modern font styles – Another simple switch that can easily help you make more trendy custom stickers is to use modern font styles. By modern here we mean the latest in font styles, including the web 2.0 character sets that are sleek and fine.

If you can use these types of font styles in your stickers, you will of course easily gain that sleek looking sticker message that you need to make them look more trendy and important. So try and research to see if you can get free and fresh new font styles for use in your own sticker prints.

5. Simulate extra dimensions and layers – Finally, you can also try to simulate extra dimensions and layers in your color stickers. By these extra dimensions, we mean adding special graphical images that project the illusion of the 3rd dimension into a two dimensional design. This makes the stickers look more interesting and of course more “full of content”.

You can also achieve the same effect by piling pictures and graphics on top of each other just like with different layers. This should make for a more interesting and trendy sticker perfect for any goals that you want to throw at them.

So now you know how to style your stickers n a trendy way. Just follow the instructions below and you should see exactly what can be done for your custom sticker printing.

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