5 Tips To See Your Website In Top Position

Internet Internet Marketing 5 Tips To See Your Website In Top Position

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, it means optimizing ones website in such way that the search engine will deem its contents more relevant than other websites towards a particular keywords searched by users. It demonstrates the links from other websites & analyzes the keywords to fit properly in a page that complement to each other in order to getting top ranking position.

There are following 5 tips which can help you to get your website ranked on the top position:-

Domain Name: Registration of a domain name is the first step one takes towards having a website. When you start thinking of having a website for your business, you must understand the importance of SEO from that stage only. Many people take domain names related to their corporate identity and others prefer to have shorter domain names. Search Engine give a lot of importance to domain names, hence you should include the main keyword in your domain name. For example, if you sell flowers in india and your company name is ABC florist private limited, I suggest you to take a domain like abcflowersindia.com. Or abcfloristindia.com. You can go for other TLDs as well if .com is not available.
Make your website Content Rich: While designing your website, most people focus more on graphics and animation and lesser on content. You can hire a content writer or if you can do it at your own, make your website content rich. As search engines are content hungry and also more content mean more number of keywords. Try to use text instead of images where ever possible and also use ALT tags for your images and give considerable importance to naming of your webpages, images and folders. You should name them including your keywords. For example, if there is a image of Tulip, instead giving it a name like a1.jpg, name it tulip.jpg, similarly your webpages names should include the keywords instead abc.html or a1.html etc.

Also organize your website into different pages avoid stuffing all the keywords and phrases into one page. Also attempt to avoid the use of tables, flash, frames & java script & commented text in your webpage.

Meta Tags: Meta tags are also an important section of your web pages, they describe what the web page is all about. Be very careful while defining them. Leaving them empty or keyword stuffing both is harmful for your webpages. Following are most important meta tags -

Title Tag : Instead of having a title like welcome to ABC Florist Pvt. Ltd., you should have title like Send Flowers to India, New Delhi, Mumbai, Banglore. Try to include your main keywords within your title tag.
Description: Description tag is the text which is displayed under the title on result page. Write here a nice description of your webpage, so that a user can have an idea about your website while searching it in the search engines.
Keywords: keyword Meta tag is very important but be very careful while defining them. Keywords should be relevant to the webpage and there should not keyword stuffing in the webpage.
Create a site map: It improves the efficiency of the web pages by searching its content easily. It provides relevant result by getting their index quickly. It helps in navigation of all pages includes in the website. With the help of site map search bots can easily crawl link pages. Also generate a google and yahoo site maps and submit them.

Increase your Links: Link popularity is measured by both the quantity and quality of sites that link to your website. The ranking of your website is based on the quality of links. Once your site is complete and running, Focus on getting links from other websites. You can easily generated links using the following :-
a)     Directory submission: It Increases in the link popularity. It is fast and affordable way to get one-way links.
b)     Article submission is a powerful method to gaining quality one way incoming links to your website.
c)     Blogging is also good way to popularize your website and getting back links.
d)     Social book marking: It is a method to store, manage, search, and organize bookmarks of web page on the internet with the help of metadata.
e)     Reciprocal link building: Exchange links with the theme based website. It help you increasing your PR and back links.Make sure that the site you are exchanging has good ranking area & major search engines.

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