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Rank Keyword

1 mesothelioma

2 cheap auto insurance
3 consolidate student loan

4 life insurance quote

5 cheap car insurance

6 refinance home
7 car insurance quote

8 refinancing

9 online car insurance

10 online insurance quotes

11 criminal defense lawyer

12 debt consolidation

13 refinance home mortgage

14 medical malpractice lawyer Michigan

15 bad credit home loan

16 loan refinance

17 tax attorney

18 online insurance quote

19 laptop data recovery

20 medical malpractice Michigan

21 car insurance rates

22 equity home loan

23 register domain name

24 data recovery service

25 life insurance rates

26 auto insurance rates

27 cheapest car insurance

28 domain register

29 dui attorney

30 lawyer medical malpractice

31 home loan

32 credit card consolidation

33 car accident lawyer

34 free debt consolidation

35 car insurance

36 term life insurance

37 second mortgage

38 hard drive data recovery

39 dui lawyer

40 refinance leads

41 raid data recovery

42 home loans

43 mortgage loan leads

44 refinance

45 mortgage internet leads

46 domain registration

47 credit card debt consolidation

48 low rate mortgage

49 mortgages

50 fitness franchise

51 debt consolidator

52 california home loan

53 medical malpractice new york

54 credit card machines

55 digital asset management

56 malpractice attorney

57 help desk software

58 criminal defense attorney

59 domain names

60 mortgage loan

61 accept credit cards

62 mortgage broker leads

63 best mortgage rate

64 online credit card processing

65 personal injury lawyer

66 mesothelioma attorney

67 fixed rate mortgage

68 accident attorney

69 conference calling

70 sub prime mortgage leads

71 home improvement loans

72 domain hosting

73 defense attorney

74 credit card 0 apr

75 data recovery

76 credit card merchant account

77 credit card acceptance

78 injury lawyer

79 currency trading

80 mortgage leads

81 merchant credit card

82 business intelligence

83 injury attorney

84 network marketing software

85 sales leads

86 online college degree

87 leads lists

88 mba online degree

89 debt counseling

90 malpractice attorneys

91 debt management

92 domain web hosting

93 crm software

94 edi software

95 credit card service

96 lawyers malpractice

97 cheap web hosting

98 web content management tool

99 Chicago medical malpractice

100 ecommerce web hosting

101 mortgage rate

102 subprime mortgage leads

103 mortgage rates

104 balance transfer credit card

105 safeco insurance

106 annuity leads

107 mortgage leads for sale

108 attorneys medical malpractice

109 debt consolidation leads

110 stock trading online

111 inexpensive web hosting

112 web content management software

113 virtual web hosting

114 credit card processor

115 life insurance

116 medigap insurance

117 web hosting reseller

118 hosting

119 california mortgage

120 orlando medical malpractice

121 online trading

122 crm online

123 special finance leads

124 direct mail lists

125 asbestos lung cancer

126 business sales leads

127 debt free

128 asset management software

129 debt solution

130 low interest credit card

131 card credit debt

132 exclusive mortgage leads

133 whole life insurance

134 mortgage interest rate

135 discount web hosting

136 debt relief

137 lawyer houston

138 online associate degree

139 web site content management

140 lawyers medical malpractice

141 credit card machine

142 orange county search engine optimization

143 wireless credit card

144 adjustable rate mortgage

145 asset management technology

146 debt help

147 online bachelor degree

148 duplication dvd

149 mortgage

150 automotive direct mail

Congratulations, you now know the top 150 highest paying Adsense keywords. I guess now you think that all you need to do is insert some of these keywords into your website and you will start to make lots of money, right? Wrong, wrong, wrong. I hate to tell you this, but I must: the 150 keywords above will be worthless to 90% of Adsense users. Why do I say that? Well, facts show that 90% of webmasters that use Adsense barely make $180 per month. This is mainly due to the fact that they don’t know the secrets to making money with Adsense. Top Adsense earners know these Adsense money making secrets and are using them to earn around $15,500 per month just by having Adsense ads on their site. You must learn these powerful Adsense money making secrets if you want to earn thousands monthly with Adsense. 97% of Adsense top earners won’t reveal these secrets to you for fear of competition. The hardest task that you will face is finding out what are the Adsense money making secrets and how to implement them .

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