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   US Insurance industry is today perhaps one of the most important revenue earning industries of the United States of America. Due to its excellent service, it is not only one of the best service providers in the United States of America but also across the globe. The US Insurance industry is controlled by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners established in 1871, which looks after and controls the overall functioning of all agencies.

   US Insurance agencies are basically segregated into two broad sub heads according to the products and services they offer namely life and General Insurance. The General Insurance available may include Disability, Property, Accident and Expatriate Insurance. Renter, General Liability, Travel, Health , Workers Compensation, Pet, Automobile, Home, Software System and Global Student Insurance amongst some others.

   The US Insurance industry is so large that the premiums paid in a year is often close to 1,170,200 million US dollars according to a research done in 2006. Premiums paid on life insurances amounted to US$ 533,649 million and almost US$ 636,452 million was paid to those who provided General Insurance policies as premiums. This includes the annuities providers too. There are close to 5000 agencies in the whole of US today providing insurance related products and services. The health and medical insurance sector is the largest growing service in recent times as health care and hospitalization are really one of the most expensive services that are almost a necessity in once daily life and must be covered by insurance agencies to meet the high cost of medicines, doctors and medical services mostly in cases of hospitalization. Annuities and long term insurance plans are also in demand at US agencies. Next to medical, auto and liabilities related insurance policies are popular. Long term insurance policies are also doing well enough.

   The next most popular US service is the auto insurance. Almost every home in the US has a transport and auto insurance is much required to beat the heavy cost of repairs, maintenance and damage that are so much related to the costs required to maintain an automobile. Last but not the least; home insurances have also gained immense popularity in the US due to the expanding and ever-growing US population. Not just of US residents but also of many immigrants from across the globe who are opting to set up homes in the US and settling there have been opting for loans to purchase homes and houses.

   US companies are known for their brilliant services, easy accessibility, custom made policies to suit every need of every one applying for an insurance cover, and most of all great customer service which have made them so very popular not only in the US but across the globe. Also with the spread of the internet, it has become very easy these days to find out about the various US insurance agencies and their insurance policies and plans to which one can even apply online sitting at home without hunting around for insurance agents. US Insurance agencies make insurance quotes available for free on the respective insurance companies website for free and the insurance quotes can also be mailed to you when requested or the agent can drop in from your chosen insurance agency once you have contacted them to provide you with a insurance quote. US its that easy!

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