Worthwhile spending time choosing perfect fireplaces

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When people are on the lookout for new products for their home, whether they are seeking fireplaces, stoves or anything else, they should take their time, it has been suggested.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, television presenter and property developer Sarah Beeny suggested that it is unwise to rush such decisions as this does not generally lead to the best results.

The expert remarked: "Take your time. It's amazing how many people want to get everything done immediately and are busy buying scatter cushions before the place is finished. I think the home is a bit like buying clothes - if you go out saying, 'We have to find taps today', you end up with something only semi-satisfactory. Choose and replace things gradually when you find things that you really love."
She stated that making home improvements is not just about the results individuals achieve. Rather, it is also about the journey they take to get there.

Meanwhile, the celebrity also pointed out that heating is an important issue for consumers to focus on. This may mean people can benefit from thinking carefully about the fireplaces and stoves they buy.

She remarked: "If you're staying somewhere for ten or 20 years, doing everything you can to use as little energy as possible is one of the most important improvements you'll ever make, as your heating bills and costs will come right down. Once the heat is in, keep it in."

According to the specialist, using products like lamb's wool loft insulation can help with this. She added that although this is pricey, it lasts for a long time. To make the most of such insulation, it is vital that the material is laid correctly, she noted.
Ms Beeny also claimed that it is not worthwhile compromising on plumbing or electrics as a "slightly underpowered heating system is such a false economy".

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