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Finding woodworm in your home can lead to a very stressful time, but there are many different types of woodworm treatment available, treatments that can help properties of all ages, shapes and sizes.

If you suspect your property has woodworm it would be best to seek some professional advice before proceeding with any kind of woodworm treatment. This way they will be able to advise you on what different treatments are available, and if you need any at all.

It may be that the problem is just isolated to a single room in your property, or a small piece of furniture for example. If this is the case then it may well be OK to treat the problem yourself, but if you are unsure it is still best to seek advice before starting any form of woodworm treatment. Should you wish to continue many DIY and hardware stores, as well as places like garden centres and supermarkets, now stock woodworm treatment products that can help you eradicate your woodworm problem.

The most commonly used woodworm treatments used by the professionals are water based treatments and fogging. Water based products are used so that the people in your home, and your pets if you have any, are exposed to the absolute minimum to the products used.

Fogging is a woodworm treatment that can be applied quickly with a minimum amount of fuss, as in some cases carpets and furniture needn’t be removed from any infested room. Also when using a fogging woodworm treatment, rooms can often be occupied again within a couple of hours.

Should you employ a professional to treat your woodworm problem the cost can vary depending on how much work you need completing. It may be you have a more intense infestation, large floor areas may need treating, or worse still replacement timbers may be needed. If you are unsure you can always seek a second opinion.

Any woodworm treatment that is supplied by a professional company should come with a guarantee, with many leading companies now offering guarantees of up to 30 years, so you can see why it is important to seek out professional advice if you think your home has woodworm. By having the treatment done professionally you are securing your home for generations to come.

The London Home Counties website can help give advice and support when it comes to woodworm treatment.

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