Why Walking Holidays are so popular

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The types of holiday people take change all the time. Holiday trends are like any other kind of trend; they are affected by how much money people have, how they see themselves and what they want out of life. Today, it seems that more and more people want walking holidays. Interest in this kind of holiday has grown drastically in the past decade and it looks like this is set to continue. There are several reasons behind this move from beach holidays to more active holidays.

Ideal for Active People

Possibly the biggest reason behind why people are now choosing a walking holiday over other types of holidays is that people are more active than they once were. This is not true of all sections of society, but there are some very fit people out there. They go to the gym and really look after themselves. It is not unusual to see ordinary people with the physique of an athlete.
Others who have health issues in their family, or see the wisdom of staying active are also growing as a group. They are not particularly athletic, but they are very fit.

In addition, more families want to make sure that their children grow up healthy. They are another group who go on walking holidays because it gives them the chance to take some exercise, as well as enjoy time together.

Other Reasons Walking Holidays are so attractive

However, it is not only that walking is a healthy pastime. People love the social aspect of a walking holiday. They get to reconnect with friends and family and meet new people. There is nothing better than a chat whilst walking.
People love nature. Being out in the countryside, seeing wildlife close up really appeals.

Walking holidays are also relatively inexpensive holidays. Accommodation, food and drink are no more expensive than any other holiday. However, because for most of the day you are walking, you do not spend much money.

The emergence of firms like Mickledore Travel, who specialise in walking holidays, has also helped to drive demand. They take care of all the planning making it extremely easy for people to enjoy a walking holiday.

If you are looking for a great walking holiday, at a good price visit the Mickledore Travel website.

Article By: Adam Nicolson

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