Why the Summer is the Perfect Time for a New Stove

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During the summer months, it is very rare to think about just how much the colder weather can affect your home. Which is actually what makes it the perfect time to look into home heating solutions and items such as woodburners.

Not only will leaving purchasing stoves until the colder weather arrives almost always leave you missing out on having the right heating solution for a good chunk of the winter, but you are also likely to have far less hassle fitting a stove during the summer and almost certainly save money too.

Not only will stoves be cheaper during the months when fewer people will be using them (namely the summer) but, as August arrives, many manufacturers start unveiling newer models, meaning that older lines drop in price even more.
Installing a stove in the winter itself can actually leave you more open to cold as those doing the job look to make the right modifications to your home to ensure you can have the best possible stove for you. Likewise, by installing a wood stove in the summer you can actually start stockpiling wood for the winter to ensure that you have a great deal of material ready to burn and in turn save even more on your heating bills.

By buying woodburners in the summer you can also see what other changes can be made to your home to optimise your energy efficiency. As such, when winter rolls around you will be completely prepared for the cold weather and not have to wait months to get the right professional to install your stove at what will no doubt be their busiest time of the year.

No matter where or when you decide to buy a stove, always look online first as whatever prices are available on the high street at any time will almost certainly be beaten by companies online.

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