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   Soy candles may sound confusing to you. After all you may not be aware of the problems and risks associated with normal candles or be too well versed on environmental factors. However more and more people are turning to soy candles as an alternative to their wax counterparts. As environmentally-friendly products and more user-friendly materials are always worth investing in, here are some things to consider when it comes to soy candles:

   For those of you unfamiliar with soy candles, they use soy wax which is an alternative to traditional types of wax which are petroleum and paraffin-based. The wax in a soy candle is derived from hydrogenated soy bean oil which as you can guess comes from soya beans. It is seen as a safer option than its predecessor for several reasons.

   Soy candles come with a number of advantages over other types of candle but their environmentally-friendly credentials are the driving force behind demand for them. For starters they are a completely natural product so they do not contain any nasty chemicals which can harm the environment. They are completely renewable and eco-friendly so they are a truly eco-friendly solution.
   There are a number of other benefits to soy candles. For instance they do not leave black stains on your interior as they burn cleanly in contrast to petroleum-based candles. They also last for approximately twice as long and are made of material which is water soluble so cleaning up drips of wax is much easier than with paraffin candles. Soy candles are better from a child safety perspective as well because they burn at a lower temperature.

Where can I go if I want to buy soy candles?
   Soy candles are not as widespread as they perhaps should be. Therefore rather than scouring high street shops you may prefer to try and find a specialist retailer online so you can get a range of products which suit your needs.

   One company specialising in soy candles can be found at Sentelle.co.uk. Visit the website if you are environmentally-conscious and want to experience the wonders of a high quality scented soy candle.

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