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When it comes to business attire there is nothing like a suit. A suit just says professional if you are selling something or are providing a service wearing a suit can inspire confidence in your clients.

The fact that they come in so many different styles, colours and finishes means you can still stamp your personality on your outfit. You do not have to look like everyone else in your office or sales team. However, you do need to be careful not to be too flamboyant when it comes to choosing a suit. A Jute suit can work for business, but only in certain circumstances.

By far the best approach is to start with a basic dark suit and use your shirt or blouse and other accessories to reflect your personality. A black suit is perfect. Black gives you a neutral canvas; it is easy on the eye and is a colour that gives the best outline. Black ladies' suits are especially slimming if they are made from good quality material and have a good cut to them.
Buy the Best You Can Afford

If you need to wear a suit a lot it is worth investing in a good quality one. A tailored suit that is made specifically for you always looks better than an off the peg suit. You have to be exceptionally lucky to find a readymade suit that fits perfectly. Many women do not even consider having a suit made for them. This is largely because traditional tailors used to have only men's suits in the window. However, at the time when there was a tailor on every High Street most women did not work, so did not need a suit. Most modern tailors are just as happy to make a woman's suit as a man's.

A Good Suit is An Investment

Whilst buying a tailored suit made from good quality material is not cheap, it still represents good value for money. A good quality suit will last you for many years, it will look far better than an off the peg suit and make a far better impression on potential customers or potential employers.
Austin Reed sells a great selection of black ladies suits. They are all made to the highest standards yet do not cost a fortune.

Article By: William Pollard

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