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   The sound recording studio is certainly something the TV and music industries could not do without. It has played a vital role in making recordings since the advent of audio equipment in the early part of the 19th century. These days the sound recording studio is the hub of many elements of television, film and music production. With that in mind here is a brief introduction to the type of people you will find in the sound recording studio on any given day:

   The sound recording studio is the Holy Grail for many unsigned bands with big ambitions. No matter what genre a musical artist performs the need for sophisticated recording equipment and professional skills is necessary to obtain a release-quality recording. Despite the fact that these days a lot of artists can break through with demos made in their bedrooms there is just no substitute for a professional recording studio. This is because the typical studio contains state of the art recording equipment such as mixing desks which is often worth tens of thousands of pounds. Even things like microphones can be worth as much as a thousand pounds so it is no wonder the professional sound recording studio if the destination of bands and artists signed to labels or with big enough budgets.

    Audio tracks captured in a sound recording studio are also used in the television and film industries. As well as film scores, many of which feature an entire orchestra or sampled sounds, they are often used for the likes of voiceovers. In the documentary world, as well as with advertisements, the voiceover is a frequently used tool and needs to be done using the best equipment and the expertise that come with a professional recording studio. Therefore you will often find voiceover artists and documentary makers in the studio space as well as musicians playing soundtracks.

Where can I find a sound recording studio?

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