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   You can adapt millions of different kinds of wedding ideas out there. If you have not yet decided on your particular inspiration, you might have been overwhelmed by the different ideas spouted by the media.

   This would be apparent as you read the wedding inspired blogs on the Internet. Let me give you some help in organizing your search for your inspiration. Below, we have categorized all the different ideas that people come up with along with some pros and cons of each category. This should help you narrow down your search easily and of course let you find the best idea for that great event.

   1.     Era based – first, we have the Era based inspirations. Many people are looking back so to speak to the weddings of old and are finding them very elegant and beautiful. That is why this era based or time based weddings are getting popular. It can be a 1920s themed ceremony with all the elegant dresses and fixtures of the time, or it can be a 1980s themed one with peace, freedom and laid back free expression. If you feel nostalgic for an era, you can try this out easily. As long as you stay within the 1900s, the attire and decorations can be easily within reach and budget. Otherwise, if you are really into the deep past, you might need more money.

   2.     Cultural based – There is also another set based on culture. Besides the traditional western ceremonies, some people opt for themes that are more exotic. Asian inspired, Mediterranean themes, Caribbean themes and even Arabic and Indian themes abound today. These ideas are particularly quaint and memorable for guests, and are affordable especially if you are living in a multi-cultural area. Of course make sure though that you do have some real connection with the culture you are trying to emulate.

   3.     Season based – Of course, you can also just go back to natural themes. If you are not very meticulous about it and just want something simple and tasteful, you can base according to the season itself. Spring, summer, autumn and winter themes offer lots of great symbolisms and colors that you can play with. Cost-wise this is not really an expensive theme to implement. All you really need to adjust are colors and symbols.

   4.     Motif based – Some people opt for a theme based on a certain motif or thing. It can be a floral motif for example, or maybe it can be plants in general. On the other hand, maybe you can go for angels, or birds, any kind of important symbol in your relationship can work as a wedding motif and the overall wedding inspiration. The cost of all these of course will vary, but the motif customization might need some significant reserves on resources.

   5.     Media based – Finally, we have the media based. This can come from movies, television, the Internet and other types of mass media. Many of the younger generations are digging this kind of inspiration and most of these themes are cheap to implement. Take note however that some of these types of themes can be experimental and you really have to work on it to make it nice and elegant.
   You can start with these different ideas. Try to see what main category works for you and then just supply in the specifics. I hope that these ideas get you into the right path.

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Article By: Kaye Z. Marks

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