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If you have never had the need to use a furniture hire service the chances are you cannot really see the need for such a service. However, a surprising number of people do need and use such a service and demand is increasing rather than decreasing.

An Overview History of Furniture Hire

Until a few decades ago, furniture hire was a service that a lot of people used. It was not uncommon for people not to be able to afford to buy their own large pieces of furniture, so they got around that problem by hiring it long-term. At one stage, most people's televisions were hired rather than bought. Sofas and dressers were other items people needed and could not afford, so they hired them.
Gradually, this practice changed when furniture shop owners began to offer people HP or hire purchase to buy their furniture. This meant that their rent did not go to waste. Naturally, people leapt at the chance and the practice of hiring furniture more or less died out.

However, one sector of society continued to hire out furniture and that was the business sector. Large companies often had suites of offices that needed to be furnished. To buy hundreds of desks, chairs and other items all in one go was not a good move cash flow wise. As a result, a lot of companies still hired their furniture rather than bought it.

Modern Furniture Hire Customers

Many still do this today. Hiring their furniture rather than buying it is still a better option. It helps with cash flow and top quality rather than cheap furniture can be used. This is important for the firm's image and for making a good impression on customers. It is far easier to keep a work place crisp, modern and therefore productive because hired furniture can be updated regularly.
Property developers use furniture hire to help them to dress their show homes and the properties they have to let. Even private individuals occasionally hire furniture to get them through a rough financial spot or to dress a house they are having difficulty selling. Hiring furniture is back and it looks like it is here to stay.

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Article By: Adam Nicolson

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