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Furniture rental is a service that very few people realise exists. When they find out that it does exist it is one of those services people cannot really understand. They tend to think who on earth would want to rent furniture? Usually the best answer they can come up with is theatre companies or film companies who need to dress their sets. Whilst these groups certainly do hire or rent furniture, they are not the only ones to do so. Today, furniture rental is a big and growing industry.

Who Needs Furniture Rental?

The vast majority of the industries customers come from the business sector, although not all of them.
When you are in business, it is extremely important to make a good first impression. To do this you need to have business premises, which are crisp clean, and modern. Achieving this look is surprisingly difficult because day-to-day wear and tear means that things can very quickly begin to look shoddy. Hiring or renting office furniture is a good way of making sure that the workplace always looks fresh and makes a good impression. When things start to look old-fashioned or shoddy all you have to do is to go out and hire a new set of furniture.

Hiring rather than buying furniture also helps greatly with cash flow. Companies who hire rather than buy their furniture have none of their precious funds tied up in inanimate objects. Plus, this means that if they need to quickly shut down a section they can do so quickly because all the have to do is send the furniture back.

Property developers are another big market for furniture rental firms. They use hired furniture to dress their show homes or properties that they have to let.

Private Furniture Rental
However, not all furniture rental clients come from the business sector. Increasingly private individuals are once again hiring their furniture rather than buying it. They are doing so for several reasons, but simple cash flow and economics is the main one. Someone who cannot gain access to credit is still able to finish their home and live comfortably in it until they can sort out something more permanent.

To find out more about furniture rental and whether it is what you are looking for visit the Emblem Furniture website.

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