What Is Meant by Black Tie?

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If you have received an invitation to a formal event held in the evening it is likely to be black tie. When an invitation says this it is important to get your attire right. Not doing so will make you feel like the odd man out and could even in result in your not being admitted to the event.

Meeting the dress standard for a black tie event is not difficult to do. You simply need a good single-breasted, lapel suit, a good quality white shirt that looks right with a bowtie and matching shoes and you are good to go. If you want you can leave it at that, but you have to be aware that most men at the event will not do so. This means you could end up looking underdressed. It is better to look at events like this as special and spend a bit of time and money getting your look right.

Quality and Fit Are Crucial
The suit you wear needs to fit perfectly. You are far better buying a suit than you are hiring one. Little touches of luxury like satin covered buttons or a satin lapel are great for formal events. However, this means wearing the jacket elsewhere does not really work.

Buying a classic, contemporary cut is the best approach because you can wear the same jacket to many events. Take the same approach with the trousers. Proper dress trousers usually feature a satin stripe or piping.

You can now buy tuxedos in other colours, but doing so is a brave step. A white jacket can be worn, but again you could stand out like a sore thumb if you wear one to the wrong event. White tuxedos are really only meant for very formal events such as those held at the Mansion House.

Accessories Are Important
Formal dress codes dictate that the waistband of your trousers should not show. Some men choose to wear a vest, but under a classic tuxedo, this can look odd. A cummerbund is a much better answer. You can buy matching cummerbunds and bowties, but having a classic black set available is a good move. When trends change you will not look out of place.

You should always wear black socks, and buy good quality black dress shoes. Cufflinks should always be worn; studs should be worn if you choose to wear a formal dress shirt.

If you are looking for a good quality classic tuxedo visit the Austin Reed website. They have several to choose from as well as trousers and accessories.

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