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If you own your own business and you reside in commercial property which is visited by your clients, then you will need to ensure that that building looks its best at all times, When in business, you need to make a good impression and everything from the way you dress to the buildings you own can help people come to a decision about you. If, for example, you own a hotel, and its exterior is grotty and unkempt, no matter how stylish, clean and sophisticated it is inside, you are going to put off many potential guest from visiting. That is why it is so important to implement a regime of regular brickwork cleaning, to ensure your premises do not let the rest of your business down.

Brickwork Cleaning

By having your brickwork cleaned regularly, you can ensure that your building never looks anything but its best. This will reflect well on you, your business and your community and could have a real positive impact on your company.
Traditional brickwork cleaning could be intrusive, messy and quite a lot of hassle but today, there are some waterless cleaning methods which will ensure that your building looks great with a minimum of fuss.

Façade Gommage

Façade Gommage is a unique process which is used to clean brickwork without the aid of water. Instead, a fine powder is fired at the building with low-pressure compressed air and this cleans the building without the need for any scaffolding or messy water based cleaning methods.

Façade Gommage is also great for companies who are striving to be more environmentally friendly as the process involves no chemicals, making it the green option for cleaning brickwork, as well as, the efficient option.
As no chemicals are involved, it is also a great way of cleaning delicate older buildings, statues and other brickwork which needs to be treated with care.


Not only is it green and efficient but Façade Gommage is also an affordable option because it does not require scaffolding. The whole process is quicker and this means that you will save a fair amount of money by using this technique to ensure your building is pristine.

ThomannHanry specialise in water free  brickwork cleaning  . Visit them to find out more about their unique Façade Gommage system which will clean your stonework quickly, for less.

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