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Garden benches can offer a great deal of scope in any garden. They are a great way to sit back and enjoy the summer sun, as wells as accommodating a number of diners when eating al fresco.

Benches can be a superb focal point in a garden – and teak benches can improve the look of any outdoor area due to their beautiful and rustic style.
It is important that a property owner considers the size of the bench, as a three seater bench can accommodate two people whilst leaving space for a book or drink. Purchasing a slightly larger bench may also negate buying a coffee table, as many benches can also accommodate a cup, mug or glass.

Garden benches can be a fantastic way to pay tribute to a loved one’s life, as they can be used as memorial benches and can come with a carving or plaque.

A bench is a year round fixture as it doesn’t have to be taken inside when it rains – unlike many other chairs. A homeowner can also buy cushions for a bench for additional comfort.

Just like sofas within the home, a homeowner can place two benches opposite each other to create a more social environment – and can even place an outdoor coffee table in between for a laid back feel.

Anyone hoping to create a stylish and social outdoor area should consider a flexible and attractive teak garden bench.

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